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August 31, 2017

Paul Simson

Minneapolis, Minnesota

PAUL SIMSON: I had a lot of nice chances. When you play in this kind of match, you just couldn't afford that stuff. I had a great opportunity down there on 15 to square the match and just hit a poor putt, and then probably made a tactical error on 16. I went and practiced that tee shot yesterday after my match because I had had problems with it, and just hit a real stinker there.

You know, maybe if it was stroke play, I would have laid out, tried to make 4 the other way, but I thought maybe I had a chance to hit a good shot out of there, but it didn't come out of the grass very well.

Q. Did Sean going left make any --
PAUL SIMSON: Well, I didn't really think about that. I thought that I could get it out of there and maybe get it on the green and put enough pressure on him to win that hole and square the match again. But I made a lot of mistakes before that, and hey, he played a good match and a solid match, and he's a deserving winner.

Q. What positives do you take away from this week?
PAUL SIMSON: Well, you know, I played pretty well. The stroke play I was real pleased. I'm really happy with the way I'm hitting the ball. I mean, I'm ready to go play another nine.

Q. You were great all week. I know there's a couple things you want back here today, but a heck of a tournament.
PAUL SIMSON: I had a great week. I mean, I played really great -- I didn't play that great the first two matches, but the three matches after that, I was on fire, and I was hoping that would carry over into today because it might have been a different story had I played that much better, but --

Q. You were 1-up early in the back nine, and you had a little trouble with the speed maybe on the greens?
PAUL SIMSON: You know, the putting on 10 and 11 just left me there, and I mean, I just didn't make any putts. Normally I make a lot of putts. It was just one of those unfortunate days.

Q. It's a long week, six matches, and you were trying to do something that only a few people older than you have accomplished. Can you tell us a little bit about how much that would have meant?
PAUL SIMSON: Well, that would have been fantastic. To win three times would have been great. What I really would have liked, though, is the 10 more exemptions. I still have four left or five left -- I've got five left. But to have another five would get me pretty far along.

Q. And you don't know how many chances you're going to get like this.
PAUL SIMSON: You know, I'm playing well enough, I still think that I'll be able to contend. I've still got plenty of distance, got plenty of time, and plenty of competitive spirit.

Q. What did you say yesterday, the quickest way to get old is --
PAUL SIMSON: Is to make age an excuse. It's not an excuse at all. I mean, I felt great today. I just didn't have the stuff that was necessary to win.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about Sean?

Q. You guys butted heads for many years.
PAUL SIMSON: This doesn't really square the match for him. One of us, we were in a two for one playoff for the U.S. Open in 1998, and I got the spot, and then later on that year, I think in the quarterfinal match, we were at NCR in Dayton, Ohio, and I beat him 1-up in 19 holes. And so, you know, he's a fine player and has been for years and years. But you know, every dog has a different day, and this was his day. I'm happy for him. To get that first USGA win is really pretty special.

Q. There's a lot of players who have come close, and you know better than anyone how hard it is.
PAUL SIMSON: It is hard. It is very hard. You have to play well. You have to have a little bit of match play luck, and I thought maybe the stars were with me this week, but it just didn't come up as good as I had hoped.

Q. How do you hit it so far?
PAUL SIMSON: It's all in the legs. You've got to keep the legs strong. I ski every year, keep trying to get him -- he goes with me, but he's raising a family now. It used to be a father-son trip, now it's becoming just a father trip.

Q. Are you a good skier?
PAUL SIMSON: Yeah, I'm a pretty good skier. I don't do all the crazy stuff I used to, jumps and helicopters and things like that. Oh, I used to be crazy.

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