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August 27, 2017

Charley Hoffman

Old Westbury, New York

Q. Great to speak to you, because you closed with a 65. How did it feel out there?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It's nice. It's nice to tee off at 9:30 and actually have an interview afterwards. I actually played a pretty good round.

Q. What was it about the golf course today that you felt made it more scorable for you, or did you just play better?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I made some putts today. I didn't make any putts the first few rounds. I had a few 3-putts that just sort of destroyed the rounds early.

I made a few, and the greens are firming up nice and rolling good in the morning. Nice to see a few putts go in.

Q. Talk us through this opening hole, which has been the hardest on the golf course this week.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I think it's a short par 5. It's a hard driving hole. You hit in the fairway, you have a long iron to a hybrid in and if you don't, you're just chopping out and trying to lay up short. It's not a very receptive green, either, so that doesn't surprise me it's the hardest hole on the golf course.

Q. With this golf course, what is the essential thing to do well out here to have the best possible chance to score today?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Well, from the golf I watched yesterday, it's obviously make a few putts. That's what Jordan's doing. The fairways are pretty big, so everybody is hitting out of the short stuff for the most part.

In the right spot on the greens, you can role in those 15-, 20-footers.

Q. 10th in the FedExCup standings and you're predicted to stay there this week but also 10th in The Presidents Cup standings. A lot of tens going on there. That finishes next week. Is that something that's on your mind going into these Playoffs?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I've told everybody that if I play good golf, I'll be on that team. I control my own destiny. Obviously next week I'm going to a golf course I've won at. Have good feelings going into next week and hopefully I can hold onto that. Like I said, if I play good golf, I'll be on that team. And if not, I'll hope for a Presidents Cup pick, but hopefully I'll make the team.

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