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August 26, 2017

Gabriela Dabrowski

Xu Yifan

New Haven, Connecticut


3-6, 6-3, 10-8

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Dropped the first set. What did you do better after that?
GABRIELA DABROWSKI: I thought strategically we kind of kept it the same, but we executed better. We kept them under pressure the whole time to come up with good shots to beat us.

In the first set, they were beating us. But in the second set, we had a few more chances. I think that's kind of what turned it around.

Q. Have you just started playing together this year?

Q. What is it that brought you together?
GABRIELA DABROWSKI: Well, the girl I was supposed to play this year with Michaella Krajicek, she was injured. She was meant to have knee surgery. I was in search of a partner in March. Julie was also in search of a partner in March. I messaged her coach, just put it out there that I was looking for somebody. It just so happened that she was looking for someone at the same time, so...

Q. How long does it usually take for two players to click if you haven't played together?
GABRIELA DABROWSKI: Honestly, sometimes straightaway, and then sometimes it can take a couple months. Sometimes I found you actually have kind of beginner's luck almost in the beginning because no teams know you, so you have that kind of surprise advantage.

They don't know your strengths and weaknesses, how you mesh together, how you cover each other, stuff like that. So sometimes in the beginning, it can work really well. Then you might have a little bit of a dip.

But the more you play together, usually the better it goes. If you're supportive of one another, you know, no matter the score, then you just kind of keep building step by step.

Q. Did you sense you got into sync fairly quickly?
GABRIELA DABROWSKI: We never get ahead of ourselves. I think we always just try to take it one point at a time, one game, one set, one match, so forth.

You have a gut instinct where you think, Yeah, we mesh together and we click, we can kind of get used to each other as partners fairly quickly. It doesn't always happen, but when it does, and it happens right, then you thank your lucky stars for doubles.

Q. Are you going to play together in the Open next week?

Q. Just doubles at this point, both of you, or are you playing singles as well?
GABRIELA DABROWSKI: Huh-uh. Hopefully doubles and mixed doubles.

Q. What does it mean to win this and have this kind of week now heading into New York?

XU YIFAN: I think it really helps our confidence since we didn't play very well for the last couple months. But we kept trying. You know, we try to practice all the time. We try to help each other all the time for the technique and also strategy-wise.

I think we can't play perfect, you know, every single day, but we keep trying. We keep each other -- we help each other every single day.

And also I'm very happy because she wasn't feeling well, like, couple months ago. She's really trying to, you know, do the best on court, really put the focus on every practice we had. So, like, I'm very happy.

I like to thank you. I know it's not easy to be sick.


XU YIFAN: Also you know you have to practice all the time. Yeah, I'm very happy. We're ready for next week.


Q. Was it like a flu or summer cold?
GABRIELA DABROWSKI: Just kind of, like, lingering stuff. Kind of told it might be a little bit of burnout. I've played a lot of tournaments this year. After we won in Miami, I didn't have a break. I played Charleston straightaway. I played an ITF straightaway for singles. Kind of did something similar after French Open. Two days later I was on the grass playing singles quallies in Nottingham, and Birmingham and Eastbourne and Wimbledon and Bucharest. It was kind of a little bit weighing me down.

Yeah, trying to possibly adjust my schedule a little bit going into the fall, kind of towards the end of the season, to manage that sort of stuff better.

But, yeah, no real definitive answer for my symptoms yet.

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