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August 25, 2017

Mardy Fish

Mark Philippoussis

New Haven, Connecticut

THE MODERATOR: Take it away. First question, please.

Q. Mardy, this is the first time you've done the Legends here. What do you think about coming here?
MARDY FISH: Yeah, Anne never invited me.

ANNE WORCESTER: I invited you last year. You didn't come to play. Get your facts straight (laughter).

MARDY FISH: It's been 10 years to the day that James and I played in the final here, to the day.

ANNE WORCESTER: That's crazy.

MARDY FISH: Which is crazy. Hopefully I can beat Mark, then we can play in the final (smiling).

Q. Mark, what do you have to say about that?
MARK PHILIPPOUSSIS: I think he can beat me (smiling).

No, I'm looking forward to it. I was here last year. This event has a lot of memories for me. A long time ago I had my first top-100 win here after qualifying. Just a lot of awesome memories.

Last year was fun. Just looking forward to playing with Mardy. We haven't played on the PowerShares before. It's going to be a lot of fun, that's for sure.

Q. Do you recall matches from the past at all?
MARDY FISH: I think we played only once.

MARK PHILIPPOUSSIS: Honestly, I can't remember.

MARDY FISH: I remember because I won. Indian Wells 2001, right? Sound right?

MARK PHILIPPOUSSIS: I don't know. No idea.

Q. What was the date?
MARDY FISH: Good question (smiling).

No, we only got to play once. I'm glad we got to play. He had such a fantastic career. I always looked up to him. When I was kind of coming up through the juniors, he was in the top 10 in the world. You're always watching some of the guys coming up, watching all the guys who are doing so well in the majors, big tournaments. He was one of them.

Kind of coming through, watching him play, it was really fun to play guys like him. Was glad we were able to play once.

Q. How often do you play now?
MARDY FISH: I played yesterday. I hit some tennis balls yesterday.

No, I was in Winston-Salem. I don't play nearly as much. I don't have time to play. I work with the USTA for a few weeks during the year, a few weeks traveling on the road, as well. I play during those times. Other than that, I don't play too much.

But I still got it (smiling).

Q. How about you, Mark? How much have you been playing?
MARK PHILIPPOUSSIS: Not too much at all, to be quite honest. I was in Mexico for a week surfing. I'm ready, but I haven't played too much.

I think we got a clinic today, so that will be my warmup for the match.

Q. Have either of you had a chance to look at the US Open draw yet? The top half is pretty heavy.
MARDY FISH: Yeah, a little bit. We were just talking about it on the way over. Roger has kind of a tough go. Usually when that happens, he seems to excel when he gets a tough draw.

It will be interesting. It's been the most sort of wide-open tournament we've seen in a while with Novak being out, Stan, the defending champion, being out. That's always tough.

That's happened a few times now. I think del Potro didn't come back. I don't think Cilic the next year came back. Then Wawrinka now. It's a bummer. Then Nishikori is out, as well.

Lots of opportunities. Big opportunity last week in Cincinnati, which was a big tournament. You saw Zverev come through in Montreal, then Dimitrov in Cincinnati. So it's pretty wide open.

Q. Mark, Nick could run into Federer in the fourth round. That's about as tough as it gets.
MARK PHILIPPOUSSIS: Yeah, I don't think you should be focused on the first round. I think he plays Thompson first one. No, Millman, sorry. Aussie guy, yeah.

I think with Nick, for him it's kind of more important getting through the first couple of matches where he might not be on a big show court against big names. I feel like once he gets on those big show courts against big names, he excels, steps up, takes it to another level. For him, it's focusing on getting there to begin with than worrying about the first match.

Who else? I saw Kokkinakis is playing Tipsarevic, which is an interesting one. As Mardy mentioned, it kind of feels pretty wide open. Even the couple of top guys, there are question marks around them as far as their health.

Federer, I hope he's 100%. He didn't look 100% in the final there in Toronto. Looked like there was definitely something up, because I watched that. Definitely wasn't him. For him and for the tournament, I hope he's 100%.

Then you've got, what's is his name?


MARK PHILIPPOUSSIS: No. Rafa looks strong.

Then you have Andy, since Wimbledon, with his wrist or forearm, not too sure. I'm hoping he's 100%, as well.

I just feel like it's going to be a very interesting US Open. There will be some upsets. I won't be surprised if you see some upsets in this event, yeah.

Q. Mark, do you just dabble in surfing?
MARK PHILIPPOUSSIS: No, it's a huge passion of mine. Some people wake up, go for a run, do some Yoga. Surfing for me is my meditation. Recharges the body, mind. First time I think I did it was 2000, 2001. Fell in love with it. Knew I would be doing it the rest of my life.

My day starts with checking the ocean, take the dog for a walk, pretty much surfing every day, yeah.

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