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August 25, 2017

Jon Rahm

Old Westbury, New York

Q. 4-under, do you feel like you're in good position?
JON RAHM: Of course. Right now, two back of the leader, which the leaders, I got to play with two of them. I feel good. Game feels good. It's just the last two days, I've made, like usually happens, a couple mistakes that I haven't been able to just fix.

It was overall a pretty good round if it wasn't for the drives on 3, 4 and 5. I got lucky with the bounce on 4, but 3 and 5 cost me one shot. That's what the difference was.

Q. Is there a premium on driving accuracy here, maybe more so than outside of the PGA the last few weeks?
JON RAHM: Definitely, especially on the par 5s. There's no chance of ever going for it if you miss the tee shot, basically, use you're going to have a wood regardless into the green. The rough is so thick that not only -- the lay up is going to be extremely hard. Driving accuracy is going to be important.

No. 1, I hit a 4-iron on the second shot after a good drive. No. 4, I had a 6-iron. If you miss those fairways, it's going to be really tough to even be able to hit it close to the green. And then when you go to shorter holes like 5, you miss the fairway, you have a short iron in but you're not going to be able to control it and hit it to those pins that were pretty tucked today.

So yeah, being able to hit the fairway; if you hit 14 fairways, it's a really scorable golf course but it's not easy to hit all of them.

Q. When you see Dustin Johnson up close like you did today, and yesterday, do you see some of your game in his game a little bit, some similarities?
JON RAHM: Well, he does drive it a lot better than we do. He hits it really far and really straight. I consider myself a long hitter. When he's 20 yards in front of me the whole time and he's got flip wedges into the green, he just makes it look so much easier. He shot 5-under yesterday missing two or three putts inside six, seven feet. It's just ridiculous, really. On a course like this, which is not that easy.

I mean, there is some similarities, but I feel like that gives him a little bit of an edge on everything. On 3, 630 yards, he had an iron into the green yesterday. I was just lost in the right rough. It makes a big difference.

Q. Is there anything that you're going to be focusing on for your own game for tomorrow?
JON RAHM: I mean, nothing special, honestly. Trying to score the best I can to really -- I mean, much like yesterday. Today the iron game felt great compared to yesterday, hitting everything close, everything clicking together and getting a good round posted.

Q. This is perfect golf weather. When you prepare for a tournament like this, are you looking at the forecast to see if it's going to be hot and humid?
JON RAHM: Well, you look at the forecast just to make sure if you have to take sweaters or rain gear or not, which we always end up taking. But it's great to play in this weather. It's absolutely perfect. It's so nice.

It does bring a smile to your face when you have this beautiful weather all day and you don't have to worry about maybe rain or wind or cold or hot. It's just so much nicer.

Q. How hard is it, do you find, like on the front nine, if you start losing it right off the tee, to make corrections in the middle of a round?
JON RAHM: To be honest the ones I missed is because I didn't commit to the shot. On 3 I was trying to hit a straighter shot, didn't commit to it, lost it way right; and same on 4 and same on 5. I thought I was committed but I wasn't. Ended up hitting a couple good drives down the stretch. Even the one on 9 was a good shot. It's just the wind didn't push it back in.

Q. So it's not a technical thing, just a commitment thing?
JON RAHM: It wasn't a technical thing. I was hitting it perfect till that point. I was hitting good drives. That's just golf. I wish I can hit all the fairways but I can't.

Q. You've played with Dustin when he was at the top of his game earlier this year. How close does he look now -- he says he feels pretty close to that.
JON RAHM: I mean, if it's not the same. Besides the bump on 4 and 5 for him, if he hits the two fairways, he's probably at 10-under. Yesterday he hit it unbelievably good. Like I said he shot 5-under missing putts. Not many people were probably able to say that yesterday; they shot 5-under missing putts.

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