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August 25, 2017

Justin Rose

Old Westbury, New York

Q. How good was this round?
JUSTIN ROSE: I'm playing beautiful golf. That's as good as I hit my irons all year long. I made a little tweak to them last week. Went back to the flex shaft that I used a couple years ago, and that along with a couple of things that I worked on with Sean have really helped.

Yeah, I hit virtually every iron shot for two days exactly where I was looking and that doesn't often happen ask that's really nice. Haven't quite capitalized scoring-wise but I feel like 68, 68 is probably as high as I could have shot these two days. When I look at the leaderboard, great place to be going into the weekend.

Q. What does that do for your?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think just added to my feel, just softening my up. I've gone from the X to the S-plus. I think from that point of view, just got a little bit more sensation in terms of hitting soft shots because you don't always have a full-out yardage there on course, so maybe some of the in-between clubs have a little bit more feel.

Q. You've won on many difficult golf courses in your career and you seem to play them quite well. What is it about this place that you've liked over the first couple days that has you in this great position?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, kind of reminds me somewhat of a Memorial in a way that the fairways are fairly generous. You can drive the ball and it kind of encourages a good driver of the ball to drive the ball well. Keeps the driver in your hand.

But the greens are getting firm, and there's a lot of strategy to that and there's a lot of tough putts out there, a lot of really quick putts. You have to be careful if you short-side yourself, you can't make par. So in terms of strategy, as well.

Q. Is this a place where you feel you can be more aggressive over the weekend or spots where you take par and run?
JUSTIN ROSE: You've got to play great golf to win out here. In some ways, you have to have an aggressive mind-set but that doesn't mean going for every pin. You have to be positive when you get your chances. You've got to putt great. You have to be fierce from that point of view and just go looking for the birdies but know when to find them.

Q. I heard someone describe it as Augusta in terms of fairways and greens and U.S. Open rough. You've obviously done well at both scenarios.
JUSTIN ROSE: I really enjoy the golf course. I wouldn't say it's quite that severe obviously but there's definitely some slope out there on the greens, which you're having to use a lot of imagination with the putts.

Yeah, the rough's pretty gnarly actually around the greens, for sure, so you can get some tricky lies. But I prefer this type of golf to Bermuda rough. Bermudarough to be only an inch thick but impossible to chip out of. This type of grass, you can play that splash shot a little easier out of it, play it more like a bunker shot, unless you get a horrendous lie, it's actually decent to chip out of.

Great leaderboard. Obviously it's a testament to a golf course when you get good names up there at the top. Yeah, from that point of view, just know that those guys are not scared of the top of the leaderboard, so it kind of encourages you to kind of keep your foot down and play as hard as you can.

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