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August 25, 2017

Brooke Henderson

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Q. Did it feel like you got a lot more?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, it definitely did. At the end (indiscernible) she hugged me and said, "More pressure than a major there." I said, "Yeah, it was."

Yeah, to bogey 8 was really unfortunate, and I knew I needed something special on No. 9 so I'm really happy I was able to hit the green in two and take a little bit of pressure off myself, kind of ease the nerves a little bit. It was just a two-putt to finish.

I'm really happy. It looks like I'm going to be playing the weekend. Hopefully I can shoot under par the next two days and finish a little higher.

Q. What kickstarted the back round there? You were plodding along and all of a sudden, birdied two and three holes?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I played 15th hole there and great crowd. I was talking to Cristie down on the fairway, and things kind of changed right there. I hit a great chip and I was able to save par on 15. Hit really close on 16. Unfortunately, missed that birdie, but that set me up for 17, 18, and number 2 as well.

So great run right there, and I hit the ball really well again today. Couple pulls on 8 and I guess number 13. But other than that, I hit it really well and gave myself a lot of great opportunities.

Q. Have you been feeling any extra pressure? Is this different than you've experienced for any other tournaments?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Absolutely, yeah, absolutely. I feel like I've handled it pretty well so far. I think now that the cut is kind of over with, I can focus on my game and try to shoot maybe 4- or 5-under these next two and see if I can be in the top 10 or just climb that leaderboard a little bit more.

Q. Do you feel like you have a ton of pressure on your shoulders?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I mean, I know everybody's out here looking to support me, to cheer me on. I know they're all on my side. I just, you know, I want to perform to the best of my abilities. I was a little disappointed yesterday after the way I played. Early in the round today I was as well. But I was able to turn it around. I knew they were right behind me the whole way.

Q. You said you were going to take your putter back yesterday afternoon and teach it a lesson. Did it learn a lesson at all today?
BROOKE HENDERSON: A little bit, little bit. Lot of my birdies came from pretty short range, but the putt on 17 was huge. On that I had to say thanks to my putting.

Q. What did you have on 9? What was your yardage and what did you have to set up the eagle putt?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I had 220 pin, and I hit a 3, I think, to carry the front. I hit 7-wood in. Yeah, just the perfect club, and I was yelling for it to drop. I pushed it a little bit right, but drew it in so it listened. To have that for eagle when I need to make the cut with a birdie it was a really nice feeling.

Q. You said Cristie Kerr talked to you there. Did she say anything to you?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, she's a great competitor. She was extremely nice to me. I think just the whole support from everybody out here today has kind of really helped me and my back nine was really special.

Q. Have you seen crowd like that before?
BROOKE HENDERSON: No, that's the first time for that, and it really is incredible. Truly amazing, and I'm really grateful for everybody that's coming out. Like I said, hopefully tomorrow I can make a few more birdies, make a few more putts. Now that the putt's over with, we'll be able to do that a little bit better.

Q. How much has your sister and caddie helped you with the crowds and the pressure?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I loved having her there. She's a great support system for me, and I trust in her a lot. Of course way more than that, just the way I'm feeling and lines and everything. She was right there the whole day. When I kind of got down on myself a little bit, she helped cheer me up as well.

Q. But you're out there and you're seeing all these people around you, do you always get the sense that there's almost two tournaments going on? There is one for Brooke Henderson and one for everyone else?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, (laughing). It's so amazing. I look around and the whole green is covered, the fairways are covered. Not just covered, they're like eight people deep, which is truly amazing. I just hope they continue to grow over the next two days.

Q. Nine shots back from the lead. Still think you can come back?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I mean, miracles do happen. I think that is probably a little bit outside of my range, but I can still climb the leaderboard. I can still try to get my best finish ever at the Canadian Open which was last year, that's probably my main goal going into tomorrow.

Q. How close were you watching and how did you do it?
BROOKE HENDERSON: All day. I was trying to find boards as much as I could. Trying to get Britt to look from long distance when I can't see it. But, the beginning of the day I thought I was going to be around plus-1. So I was trying to get it back to even or even trying to get it under par. I battled a little bit. I had not as many birdies as I would have liked, but more than yesterday, so that's good.

Q. When you're lining up that long putt on 9, what was running through your head?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Of course I would have loved to make it, but I was just trying to give myself an easy tap-in to make birdie. I didn't want anymore pressure on myself. I just wanted to nestle it up close. It looked really good. As soon as I hit it I was like that's going to go in, but a little bit short. Easy birdie and an easy way to finish, which is really nice.

Q. Have you ever heard such a large crowd be so silent?
BROOKE HENDERSON: No, nobody was doing anything. They all wanted me to have the best opportunity to make it.

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