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December 18, 1993

Larry Mize


Q. Overall, Larry, a good day's work, or are you slightly disappointed at the end?

LARRY MIZE: I am really not. I played well, obviously had a really good front nine. The back nine definitely played tougher today, I thought. You are playing 10, 11, 12, you get 14, 15, with the wind in your face out on the left, which is a very tough wind and, you know, I made a few mistakes out there, but all and all I am real pleased with a 68 and you know, it is-- too much good happened for me for me to be upset so I am real pleased with the rounds.

Q. Where did your ball actually land on the 10th by that fence?

LARRY MIZE: There is like wooden sticks with a fence barbed wire fence type and it was-- part of the ball was inbounds. What you do you take a rope and we took a TV cable and run it along the inside of the post and if any of the ball is touching that thing, it is in. That is where it was. It was in between it. All I can do was a couple of two feet on my back stroke and punch it out the best I could.

Q. Good break?

LARRY MIZE: Real good break. I was happy to make 5 on the hole, and you know, I probably had a good break on 18. I didn't -- I hit another tee shot; didn't really stay with it and it was, you know, close to going probably out of bounds on 18 but I got a good break there and it stayed in. So few bad swings out there, but all and all, I was pleased.

Q. Do you feel you were putting as well as you did yesterday?

LARRY MIZE: I have to think for a second. I feel like I putted as well. I made more putts yesterday, you know, today as I said, I knocked a lot of shots close; I made-- I was pretty close, 2 tap-ins on 4 and 6; couple of short putts on 2 and a just a little longer on 3, but I still felt good with the putter, but I didn't putt as well as yesterday. You can't count on putting rounds like yesterday all the time.

Q. How do you explain your play on the front 9? Most of the guys are having more trouble with the front than with the back; seems to be the flip-side with you.

LARRY MIZE: You know, I don't know. You know, you par the first hole, extremely difficult hole. I just hit some good shots, good 6-iron put me in perfect position underneath the hole on 2, good 8-iron, and couple of shots just stuck it up there close, so I don't know really know what to say but I had good shots; gave myself a couple of tap-ins and easy birdie shots.

Q. What are you expecting tomorrow?

LARRY MIZE: I am expecting another difficult day. It is a tough golf course out there and I am just looking forward to it and expecting I have got to go out there and play awfully well. There is a lot of golf left. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Played with Colin before?

LARRY MIZE: I can't remember. I want to say we might have but I am not sure. We played together at the Scottish last year or not? I am not sure.

Q. Surprised at all, Larry, where you are right now?

LARRY MIZE: Am I surprised where I am?

Q. Yeah, are you surprised you could play or --

LARRY MIZE: I guess it is like yesterday. Yes and no. I mean, I came here thinking I could win and I came here thinking I could be in contention and have a chance to win and could win and obviously that is yet to be seen, but you know, I didn't expect it. So I mean-- I think that I am somewhat surprised and not totally surprised maybe that is the best way to put it.

Q. The 15th, how much did that roll by affect you?

LARRY MIZE: Probably 2, three feet - a lot. Yeah, I pulled the right club. Actually my caddy club talked me into a 4 rather than a 5. It was the right club and I just didn't really commit to it enough. I backed off of it a little too much; got it up in the wind, so it was another fortunate break that it cleared and made a good par there. 15 was playing extremely difficult in my mind today, so, yeah, it wasn't -- it might have been four, five feet over, yeah but it wasn't a lot over the wall.

Q. Were you surprised by Elkington's collapse?

LARRY MIZE: I just-- he got a tough break there on 15. I mean, to me, there is no drop circle; then a hazard line is way down there where he had to drop in the gunch. I think the hazard line should be a little higher on the 15th hole. So I think that was a tough break. I don't really look at it as a collapse. The conditions are tough and a few bad shots is real easy for that to happen. I think it is more the conditions of today rather than anything. It doesn't take a whole lot for things to go haywire. That bad break right there with the triple bogey, that 15th hole was extremely weird. The wind just doesn't push the ball from left to right as much as you think it would. I have seen that all week with Ernie Els and myself and Steve today, so you know, Steve is a good player, just one of those things.

Q. Was he waiting for a possible overrule there on the decision?

LARRY MIZE: I am not really sure. You know, he has played here all three years and the other two years it was a drop circle there. I am sure he is a little puzzled by that. He is just trying to get an idea. The official was just talking. He was waiting to see if there was anything that was going to come; what they were going to decide.

Q. Good luck tomorrow.

LARRY MIZE: Thanks a lot.

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