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August 24, 2017

Lorie Kane

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Q. What does it mean to honor Dawn Coe-Jones this week?
LORIE KANE: You know, we need to remember the icon that Dawn was. She was a very dear friend of mine and someone that I could rely on. And today she would have had her foot up my butt to tell me to keep going and not give up.

Q. I did speak to Brittany Marchand today, who is also wearing the yellow ribbon, and she said exactly what you're saying. That she never got to meet Dawn, but that she was a huge influence. How good does that sound to know that your friend influenced so many young golfers?
LORIE KANE: It's awesome. Because a lot of people give me a ton of credit, of which I will say thank you, but there's a ton of women who came before me, and Dawn was one of them that really went out of her way to make the point of being how proud she was to be a Canadian first and secondly to lend any support she could to the younger player and to help grow the game here.

I took advantage of that, and it's really nice that a kid like Brittany, well, it just tells you what kind of kid she is. I've played with Britt, and I know that she's going to have a long career out here. But it does mean a lot not only to me, but I know that Jimmy -- Jimmy's Dawn's husband and Jimmy, Dawn's son, are taking this in this week, and it's just nice for them to know that their mom was loved.

Q. How appropriate is it that she's being honored at the CP Women's Open, which obviously she's set so many records as a Canadian and always doing so well here? How important is that?
LORIE KANE: Huge. We were under a different name when we were here last time and they recognized her with a very nice Rolex watch. And I know how proudly she wore that watch. Again, to your point, early in the du Maurier days Dawn challenged to try to win tournaments as I did, and the rest of us, Gail and Dawn and Lisa. But to be here and for us to have it this week, I guess it's very fitting that we are back to where she decided to call it a day.

I know she's looking down on us today. Before I teed off I gave her a little signal and I said, any help would be good (laughing).

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