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August 24, 2017

Justin Thomas

Old Westbury, New York

Q. 2-under par 68 today. A little slow start. How did you turn it around today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: That was a really weird round of golf I'd say, that first nine. Just tried to stay patient. I had a really hard time getting focused and getting into it today. I don't know why, what the purpose was. I told Jimmie, man, I'm having a hard time with this today and I need your help. He kept me in it and we tried to talk to our shots a little more. That birdie on 18, the ninth hole, kind of got me going.

Q. What was your thought process coming in this week?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Just see what I can do with what I have. I mean, my game definitely isn't where I would want it to be but I mean, I'm more proud of rounds like today than I am when I play really well.

Obviously I'd like the score, if it was lower -- but coming into this week knowing I'm almost not sure of what I have because I wasn't able to prepare as well as I would have liked last week with just everything going on and being tired.

Really trying to somehow get myself in the mix and see what happens.

Q. A lot of rain Tuesday night and the golf courses was soft yesterday. Did it change?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was soft. I hit some shots out there that were spinning back a lot, kind of low ones that weren't bouncing up. It's obviously easier when it's soft but it's almost so soft that it was a little harder because you're planning for it to skip a little bit and it wouldn't. But you know, everyone has to play in the same conditions.

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