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August 24, 2017

Rickie Fowler

Old Westbury, New York

Q. How do you assess your round?
RICKIE FOWLER: Not bad. We are on a tough golf course. The front nine, definitely I think plays harder. So didn't get off to a bad start. Just a little bad swing and made bogey on the second paragraph par made birdie and held it together pretty good on the front.

Felt like I was driving it well today and was able to take advantage of some stuff on the back nine. Kind of one bad swing on 17. Other than that, nice little start.

Q. Is it good that you played the easier nine second and you get to go back out on that tomorrow morning and carry the momentum?
RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I think we can go out there and get it going a bit. Like I said, driving it well and made some putts. That combination here definitely helps. You have to hit the fairways. You can't play out of the rough. So we'll keep that going in the morning, and see if we can roll in a few more.

Q. What did you learn about this course today that maybe you didn't know the first couple days here?
RICKIE FOWLER: Nothing in particular. I mean, the greens were tough this afternoon. Poa annua starts to get a little bumpy in the afternoon but nothing new. We all knew that we were going to have to drive it in the fairway. The fairways are somewhat generous for that, and there's plenty of rough to guard those generous fairways.

Q. J.T., Berger, Kisner, maybe Chappell, what would they bring to The Presidents Cup team?
RICKIE FOWLER: No fear. You know, some young blood. Like I said, you get them in matches when you're playing buddies and in contention on the golf tournament, they are not fazed in the moment or scared to hit golf shots or make putts when they need to.

I definitely look forward to being on a team with those boys. Never know, maybe partnering up with one or a multiple of them. I think they are some fun, cool, new additions.

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