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August 20, 2017

Lizette Salas

Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Q. It's been inspirational golf. And part of that inspiration is Lizette Salas here at the bottom of the Solheim Cup list, you had to scratch and claw to get yourself on this team and you end up having the match that wins the Solheim Cup. Describe that.
LIZETTE SALAS: It's crazy. I understood and accepted that it was all a process. My college coach, Andrea Gaston, would say one shot a time, one tournament at a time.

I put a team together in the offseason that I trusted and had all the faith in me. And they never let me down.

And I'm just so fortunate to have so many people around me that love me and keep pushing me. And my parents are my backbone.

And it was stressful. It was a stressful year. My mom would always say, oh, you like to make things interesting for yourself.

But we got the job done. And to secure the last point for the Cup, it's pretty special. And my hands are still shaking thinking about it.

Q. Describe this sisterhood, the Solheim Cup sisterhood, not only with the whole team, but also your pod. It was very special.
LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, it was a crazy pod. But we accepted each other. We learned from each other. And I think just in general, I'm one of 12 girls from around the country, and we all just came together for one goal.

And to be put all egos aside and all pride aside, put on the red, white and blue and went to work. It's been great. This is something that I will cherish forever. And I think the other girls will, too.

Q. Lizette, you took on a mentorship role. You helped two rookies to their first Solheim Cup points on Friday. Your captain called you the spark plug of your team. But what will you remember most vividly of the 2017 Solheim Cup?
LIZETTE SALAS: I don't even know. There's so many things on that list that I will remember forever, but just the camaraderie that we had and each pod had our own little thing. But the fact that we just came together for one goal and to get it done, it's just been so special. I can't believe it just happened.

And I worked my butt off to get here. And I'm at a loss for words. I'm just really happy right now.

Q. Earlier in the week you talked about your family, especially your father who was such a big influence in your golf career, starting off with those humbling beginnings.
LIZETTE SALAS: You're going to make me cry, aren't you?

Q. Knowing the journey, what it took to get here, what flashbacks did you have?
LIZETTE SALAS: Just putting balls on the range, just California, and I didn't have my first set of clubs until I was 10. I rode in that truck for a long time. And it was all worth it.

And my dad and my mom are just amazing. And I just love them so much. And they're my family, and they just never gave up on me. It was worth it.

Q. They're so proud of you. How about the crowds, how did that affect the play of every member of this team going back to back in the Solheim Cup?
LIZETTE SALAS: At first I tried not to listen to the crowd because I didn't want to get too hyped up. I knew it was going to be a long week. And I learned from my teammate, Danielle, you've got to embrace them and feed off their vibe. That's what I did today.

I got the crowd going, because I knew they were pulling for me and to get back-to-back wins, it was phenomenal and we wanted to get it done.

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