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August 20, 2017

Caroline Masson

Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Q. First point of this weekend, do you feel like you played better than that? I know, but what does it mean to be able to come out here today and get that point?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I was really fired up, to be honest. I feel like I played well all week. It just didn't happen to get a point on the board for our team. It was a little frustrating.

But I knew I was playing well. I just wanted to, obviously, get out somewhat early and make a little bit of a statement, too. And I think I got off to a hot start. I just putted really well, played pretty solid.

Michelle played well. It was just a really good day for me. And a little bit of what we needed. Hopefully a few of the girls can feed off of that.

Q. What was the message that Annika gave you last night or this morning before you teed off, knowing it was a large deficit to overcome?
CAROLINE MASSON: Basically that nothing is impossible. She talked about her 59 that she shot and just saying, hey, you never know when it happens. And just go out there and believe that you can do it.

Because I think we all believed that every single girl could win her match. So I think the attitude was really good. We are a really great team this week, I think probably the best one that I've seen so far in the Solheim Cup. Everybody's really in it to together.

And it doesn't matter if we win or not, I think we're all taking away great memories and had a great week. And these girls are good. And we've played really well. So we have nothing to lose. We just go out and try to do as good as we can.

Q. Might get overlooked sometimes when teams get out to big leads, you guys played really well. The Americans just played --
CAROLINE MASSON: Unbelievable.

Q. When you think about the display that women's golf put on this week for fans, how impressed are you with what you guys were able to do?
CAROLINE MASSON: It makes me super proud. It doesn't matter if you're European or American in that case, it's just fantastic that we were able, all of us, were able to showcase women's golf on this big stage.

And I hope as many people as possible were able to watch it and see how good women's golf is and how passionate we are.

And, yeah, it's just the best message we could send, and obviously you want to win. You want your team to win. But after all, at the same time we're here to promote women's golf. And I think we did a great job.

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