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August 19, 2017

Kevin Na

Greensboro, North Carolina

Q. Kevin, 65 today. Currently one shot back. Get some comments on your round.
KEVIN NA: I played really well. You know, little slow start, bunch of pars. Stayed patient. Putts started rolling in and that long one on 14 was nice. I think that was the momentum changer to get me to 5-under.

Q. Kevin, what are your thoughts going into tomorrow? Everybody talks about their number here, Playoffs and that stuff. As you get closer to the end, do you just think more about winning and the trophy?
KEVIN NA: You know, just got to play your game. I think there's low scores to be had out here. I like the position I'm in, 1 back.

You can stay aggressive and just play your game and -- I think I got to shoot at least 5-under tomorrow to have a chance. So, I got to stay aggressive.

Q. Going to tomorrow, what part of your game gives you the most confidence?
KEVIN NA: I'm hitting the ball pretty well and the putter has been working this week. I've been struggling with the putter this year. Made some changes last week and it's been working this week. I feel really good about the putter. I hope I can keep rolling those putts in and at the end of the day I'm in good position.

Q. What did you change?
KEVIN NA: Little bit of set-up.

Q. Kev, let's talk about the long putt at 14. Kind of came out of nowhere. I think that kind of got you to a great finish.
KEVIN NA: That was a momentum changer to get me to 5-under. I don't know. For some reason I was going to that putt and I thought about I felt like I was going to make it and I hit it and kept rolling, rolling, rolling and found the hole. When you have that feel, it happens.

Q. 15, you just barely missed the eagle and then hit a terrific approach there at 17. Had about 8 feet, rolled that in. You really did catch fire there at the end.
KEVIN NA: I did. Some of these hole locations today were accessible and some of them were not. You had to pick the ones that you could go fire at, the other ones you got to play away from. These greens are firmer and faster. Some of these places, if you get above the hole it's no easy two-putt. So, you know, guys are still going low. Going to be a fun one tomorrow.

Q. Are you excited about tomorrow because you got a really good shot?
KEVIN NA: I do. It's been awhile since I won so I think I'm ready.

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