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August 19, 2017

Theo Humphrey

Pacific Palisades, California

THE MODERATOR: We've got Theo Humphrey here, advanced to the U.S. Amateur semifinals; defeated by Doug Ghim 2 and 1.

Theo, you started out with the match play winning the second hole, and then things started going a little bit hard on you. Tell us a little bit about how you reacted to Doug taking a lead and what was he doing and what you were doing? Was it all him playing well or was it you not playing up to your standard?

THEO HUMPHREY: Yeah, well, after the third hole which Doug won with birdie, I never lead in the match, or that was the last time it was all square. I was kind of behind the eight ball for the entire time.

I really struggled out there today. I played a lot of great golf this week, hit a lot of really good shots, clutch shots, and felt really good with my game all week.

Unfortunately today it just wasn't there obviously. Yeah, it's an important event and high magnitude, but I don't think that's why I played poorly. I just hit a lot of below-average golf shots.

Made a lot of good pars, but I just wasn't in position to attack. I was fighting to stay with Doug the whole day. I mean, he did a lot of good things today. He made every putt from ten feet for par and a couple for birdie that he needed to do make. He just never let me in.

That's why he was successful today while I wasn't.

Q. Put today's match aside. How was your overall experience at the U.S. Amateur. Making it to the semifinals obviously a pretty impressive accomplishment.
THEO HUMPHREY: Yeah, I mean, it's been a really special week. It's been a lot of fun. Having my dad on the bag has been awesome. It's an experience we'll certainly never forget. I mean, he's been looking forward to this week for a while. He loves this course. I was just so happy he got to be out here with me for it.

Yeah, this was definitely a big step for me, another good tournament. Gave myself a chance. Didn't get it done again unfortunately, but I just feel like I've played a lot of really good, consistent golf, and eventually things are going to go my way and at the end and I'll play a little better when I need to.

Q. Doug got it to 4-up, and then you win the two par-3s and reduce the deficit to 2-down. What were you thinking at that point?
THEO HUMPHREY: Yeah, well, when I missed my putt on 12 from about eight feet for par to go 4-down, I knew something really special was going to have to happen. I was going to have to do some great things and Doug was going to have to do some bad things.

I knew my chances were slim, but I felt like if I could just take it one hole at a time and things went my way it could happen. You never know.

Doug luckily kind of hit a couple poor shots on the par-3s and didn't end up in very good spots. I made a couple of good pars there and was able to get back in the match.

Honestly, when I stepped on 17 tee I felt like with my distance that that was a hole I could really get after if I hit a good drive, especially with Doug playing it as a 3-shot hole. Like I felt like I could definitely win that hole, and then you go to 18 and the momentum is right in my hand even though I'm 1-down.

Just hit a terrible tee shot on 17, probably one of the worst swings I made all week. I felt okay over it. I just kind of was fighting things all day today. Still, I ended up kind of scrapping it around the hole and giving myself a chance two about 20 feet. Just didn't hilt a very good putt.

Obviously got to expect Doug to make that six-footer, and sure enough he did and that was it.

Q. When it got to be 4-down did you dad play part dad and part caddie to try to get you back? What were your conversations like?
THEO HUMPHREY: Yeah, I mean, obviously I was a little bit frustrated when I was 4-down walking to 13 tee. Thankfully it was a short walk. I had about five seconds to be upset about what happened and then I was right there to hit my tee shot thankfully.

Yeah, he said like, Yeah, 4, it's a lot, but it's just one at a time. You can only win one hole at a time, and your focus needs to be to beat Doug on this hole. He said the same thing when we got up on 14 and same thing on 15.

He's right. You can only win them one at a time. It's hard to win that many holes, but it's certainly possible when you look at it that way.

Q. How do you take this really positive experience this week and turn it into some momentum going forward for the fall when you're playing at school?
THEO HUMPHREY: Yeah, for sure. I had a good spring this year. I played great this summer. My game I feel like is in good form. I have had a lot of success in big events.

There is nothing I'm more excited about than getting out there and playing with my teammates. We have three new freshman this year. Be interesting to see who jumps in the mix with us.

Pretty excited about that and just to get back out there in about a week and a half at Pebble Beach with my teammates. Playing for them, not just myself, is something that's really exciting. Looking forward to the season a lot.

Q. Do you hear from Brandt Snedeker at all?
THEO HUMPHREY: I haven't, no.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, that was a great run for you.

THEO HUMPHREY: Appreciate it.

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