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August 18, 2017

Travis Smyth

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. Travis, tell us how you got that lead on the back side. I think you were up two heading to the 13th tee.
TRAVIS SMYTH: Yeah, a lot of holes being won on the front nine, and end of up winning 10. Good par; then birdied 11 so I was 2-up.

Then missed a short one to go three-up on 12, and I think that sort of let him back in a little bit. He made a great birdie on the next, and then I made a bad bogey or double on the Par 3.

So then let him right back in, and then he got some momentum and hit some really good shots coming down the stretch. I just didn't hit the shots I would've liked.

Yeah, then we went up to 17 and hit an awesome couple shots up there above the green and made a really sort of cozy birdie.

Q. How long was the putt on 17?
TRAVIS SMYTH: About two foot. Probably a generous pick up actually. I thought he would've made me putt it..

Q. It was conceded?

Q. What did you hit in there?
TRAVIS SMYTH: 3-wood. Yeah, driver 3-wood. Had about 250 meters up a hill and hit it pin high.

Then, yeah, went up 18 and probably hit two of the best shots I've hit all week. Like that 7-iron I hit was high and fading and t landed a good 10, 15 yards short of that flag and still went 15 yards past that flag over the back and just drew like a tough, sticky lie in that kikuyu grass.

Thought I hit a great chip. The difference between half a foot there like where it landed was determining whether it was a tap-in or a ten-footer, which I had, and it just didn't fly onto the green and just stopped right in front of me basically.

Yeah, he made a great par and took it to victory.

Q. The last putt, did you hit it exactly where you wanted?
TRAVIS SMYTH: Just about. Yeah, I probably hit it a touch too hard. Just didn't let it break.

But, yeah, the greens got so fast and when you're downhill, I just didn't play for enough speed and hit it through the break.

Q. I know you've had success in Australia and in other tournaments. Do you feel like this is your coming out party as a golfer?
TRAVIS SMYTH: Yeah, for sure. Like I said, I know I can definitely compete with the world's best amateurs. I already know I can compete with the sort of Aussie tour level in Australia. I've played many times back home and done well.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to turning pro at the end of this year. I've already entered European tour school first stage, so I'll play that.

In between first and second stage we still have the Asian Pacific Amateur that everyone knows you get a start in the Masters.

Plan A was to go well this week or win Asian Am. I guess we'll just see where we are October, November.

Q. I know last year, especially in USGA events, Min Wooly, Curtis Luck, what the Australians did at the word amateur team, is that something that helped build confidence heading into this year, seeing their success?
TRAVIS SMYTH: Yeah, yeah, gives me a little bit of confidence knowing that these guys have competed on the world stage. I can draw from that and know I can compete as well when I perform well.

Yeah, it was a nice little boost to see Curtis win last year. He gave me a few messages last night. Yeah, unfortunate didn't play as great and Doc played awesome.

Q. Obviously you got far here. What's the one thing you learned this week about yourself that maybe you wasn't sure about?
TRAVIS SMYTH: Just I guess I just feel a little bit more confident knowing I have the game, knowing that I can compete with the world's best for sure.

It's a matter of thinking about it and then going out and actually doing it. I beat a lot of good players this week and I'm going to draw from that.

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