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August 18, 2017

Stacy Lewis

Juli Inkster

Gerina Piller

Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Q. You guys made history, first time in the history of the Solheim Cup that Team USA, you swept a session. You guys were a big part of that. What does that mean to you and what was your first reaction on hearing that?
STACY LEWIS: It's just incredible. I feel like we have a really great team and to come out here and -- there's not many scoreboards. It's funny, it's just the norm out here. But to see all the red and get a sweep is pretty special. It's a grind. You play in the morning and looking forward to tonight.

Q. Does it feel like a little bit of retribution? You guys obviously in the morning foursomes did not finish the match well. I know that had to irritate you. Talk about how you flipped things coming out this afternoon.
STACY LEWIS: Yes, we're definitely both very disappointed with the finish. I don't know, I couldn't get it out of my head, and had a little chat with Juli on the floor and kind of was able to turn things around. And Gerina carried me on the front, and I was, like, able to work out here on the back. And felt really good today and feels great to finish out a good day for our team.

Q. Some people were talking, maybe you should have possibly sat these two because of the way they played in the morning. Was that ever a consideration or did you just know they had it in them?
JULI INKSTER: No, I know they wanted to get right back out there. And I think it would have been worse to have them sit this afternoon. They needed to get back out there. It's not that they played bad. I think they were 3-under alternate shot, and in alternate shot that's great.

So I knew the thing is I know they felt they let us down, but in this game, you know, like I said, you need your point, we need you guys in the game.

Q. What can you say about making history and being just, this is the first time to sweep a session four points?
JULI INKSTER: Well, this is the history that we really don't want. We want the history on Sunday night. We want the Cup. So we have a lot of work.

I know Annika is going to fire that team up, and we just need to come out, keep doing what we're doing. I thought we played great this morning, and we played amazing this afternoon.

Q. How did it feel especially when you didn't win this morning; was that extra motivation for you?
STACY LEWIS: For sure. I think we were both happy that Juli sent us back out and just gave us a chance. It probably would have been worse if we had to sit in the locker room this afternoon.

And G carried me out on the front and I was able to carry it on the back, and we played great golf. Charley and Georgia are great players. They hit great shots too. We just made a couple more.

Q. It was up-and-down the whole of that match. Was it mentally exhausting for you? How did you feel out there?
GERINA PILLER: Definitely mentally exhausting. It's just one of those things where you get so revved up and so pumped up and your adrenalin is going. So you just kind of gotta dig deep, especially coming in these last couple of holes. Everyone's tired. And that's kind of the environment.

So the other girls are tired. They've done the same thing I've done. So just to dig deep and to pull this out, stay (inaudible), to pick me up on the back nine there is pretty awesome.

Q. An historic American four-ball win. There aren't that many leaderboards out there. But were you aware of what was going on and did that help you?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I think making the turn, once we hit the back nine, there's more leaderboards where you can kind of see and there was a lot of red. We started to hear cheers of matches closing out.

And the match in front of us, when they won, it was like, all right, we have a chance for a sweep today. It was extra motivation to get the win and close it out as quickly as we could.

Q. Was there motivation there to not be the ones left out this afternoon?
GERINA PILLER: Golf is a funny game. You kind of don't want to go out there and say I don't want want to do this, I don't want to hit a bad shot. You want to go out there saying I want to be great and I want to hit great shots.

And so you can't go out there trying to protect; you gotta go out there and play your game. And we're here for a reason, we're great players, and we have to go out there and do something special.

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