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August 18, 2017

Lizette Salas

Angel Yin

Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Q. Angel, I've got to ask you, first of all, your first Solheim Cup. Playing with a veteran, the way she started, how much help was that for you and your nerves?
ANGEL YIN: A lot. I mean, she finished -- she birdied the first three holes, I think. Amazing putts. I couldn't drop any putts today. I was hitting it good, really good. I hit it really long.

Q. We noticed. (Laughter)?
LIZETTE SALAS: You noticed?

ANGEL YIN: With her making all those putts, it really helps me. I needed to get her back. I got a little bit flustered on one hole when I 3-putted, but she got me back on my feet.

Q. Seems like you guys were in control of the match the whole way. You tied the record for the second-most lopsided victory in four-ball in Solheim Cup history. But when you got off to that start, very first green, Lizette, how much do you feel that helped kind of take the pressure off, not only you, but your rookie teammate?
LIZETTE SALAS: It all came down to just the basics just, hitting fairways and greens. I didn't putt the way I wanted to this morning, and I felt like this afternoon was my redemption round. And it was really fortunate to have a good caddie reading my putts for me, too.

And just everything kind of fell together. And she did great today, even though she did get down on herself a little bit, but that's golf. That's why we have partners. And we're just really glad we got that win today.

Q. (Question off microphone)?
LIZETTE SALAS: I've known her for a while and to have her as a partner I knew it would be a good fit. Just the way I was putting kind of made her a little less stressful and vice versa.

She helped me when I needed help, and so we made a great team. And a lot of good chemistry out there. A lot of laughter. And that's what we needed to pull off this point.

Q. Angel, for you how important is the positivism that Juli Inkster has employed this week, and how important is the chemistry, particularly in your little pod that seems to be working so well?
ANGEL YIN: They made me feel comfortable. They made me feel like I fit in. And they're bringing me around, making me feel like I'm someone, so it's good.

Q. Your first Solheim Cup. Living up to your expectations, I'm sure?
ANGEL YIN: Yes. This is crazy. So many people out here.

Q. A lot of people out here. The number of red points that have been put up on the board, the way the board was turning red, how much was that a motivation, inspiration for you when you were out there?
LIZETTE SALAS: Honestly, I wasn't really paying attention; I was just focusing on my game. That's part of playing in the afternoon on Friday. I knew I could pull off a good round today. I just needed a good partner.

And just to see all the red, especially this early, is very motivating. But at the same time we need to go back to basics, hitting fairways and greens. So, just going back to work and let's see what happens. Hopefully more points.

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