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August 18, 2017

Johnson Wagner

Greensboro, North Carolina

Q. Johnson, I would call that some sort of out of the ordinary kind of day. Your thoughts.
JOHNSON WAGNER: It was incredible. I was kind of struggling early, making some pars and just hit a perfect shot, kind of went up the bank and it was going to be close but to go in was something else. That's my 3rd double eagle in competition. I don't know. I was lucky today.

Q. That double eagle coupled with the eagle on 15, you're the first guy since 1983 to make that combination on a par 70 golf course.
You're record-holder now too.

JOHNSON WAGNER: Any record is a good record, right?

Q. There's got to be a little home cooking going on for you, you lived down the road, went to Virginia Tech. Your thoughts there.
JOHNSON WAGNER: I got my family here and my inlaws are down from Virginia, and there's Hokies everywhere, even at 7:20. I always felt comfortable playing here. Had a good finish last year. Better late than never to play well. Looking for a good weekend.

Q. Sort of an easy guy with great attitude.
Tell me, coming into the week you're outside the number, what thoughts, what's the approach to the week?

JOHNSON WAGNER: I kind of looked at the numbers, I think I need solo 9th or better or something. So it's not like I have to go win.

But I was also thinking if I have to go to the Web.com Finals I need to sort of finish somewhere along 9 to get my card back. I'm here at a course I know and comfortable with. I'm going to give it my all this week and hopefully make a run.

Q. Your double eagle.
JOHNSON WAGNER: It was fun. 211 yards. Matt, my caddy, wanted me to hit 6-iron. I got over it, didn't feel right. You're wrong. I didn't say that.

I grabbed the 5-iron, hit it, landed perfectly, went up a big bank and was tracking towards the hole. I had a bunch of family that's up by the green and they started going bananas. Pretty clear it had gone in.

Q. How about the eagle?
JOHNSON WAGNER: The eagle was nice. Good driver and 3-iron, kind of a tough pin to get close to. I hit it 30 feet left of the hole and made a nice long downhill putt.

Q. Not this week last year but at this time last year you were kind of in a similar position, weren't you?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I was. I like to make it really hard and challenging on myself. I like to be outside the number at the end of the year and have to play my best golf coming down the stretch.

Q. How much do you think about it when you're out there or does it cross your mind about being outside the 125?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I'd be lying if I said it didn't enter my mind. I was a little nervous starting this morning. I just wanted a chance this weekend. I know the cut is going to be a really low number so I was a little shaky starting off, made some good putts and once I made the double eagle I was kind of off and running and some putts started going in. I was feeling pretty comfortable.

Q. Does this position get easier with years or is it always hard?
JOHNSON WAGNER: You know, I've been playing for 11 years on Tour now. I played out of 126 to 150 a couple times. If I have to play off that category again it's not the end of the world. Actually find it somewhat motivating. I've got be ready to play more often. So, it doesn't bother me. I'm here to play this tournament and hopefully have a chance to win come Sunday.

Q. Have you played Glen Oaks?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I haven't played there. I knew Greg "Courier", the superintendent was there before. My coach lives up there in Westchester and I've heard it's just phenomenal. Be nice to go play it.

Q. Who is your coach?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Bobby Hinds at Old Oaks Country Club in Purchase.

Q. Anything difficulty, obviously the course, hadn't been working that is working now?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I'm struggling with the tee ball which has been great. Short game has been bad all year. It's been better. Iron play has been struggling a little bit but I've got that kind of dialed in at the moment.

My game feels pretty sharp. Get the driver in place, should have a good weekend.

Q. Talk about the momentum into the weekend.
JOHNSON WAGNER: It's exciting. Who knows where I will be at the end of the day. Guys will go low out there. I'm just happy to be within striking distance and there's a long way to go, it's a marathon. Lot of golf left.

Q. What do you remember about your first albatross on Tour?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I got married the week before, I was playing on the Web.com. Minnesota and I hit a 3-wood first hole of the day, one hop, straight if the hole.

I made double eagle in Jackson, Mississippi maybe in 2010. That was 3-iron running up, kind of chased up the green. It's awesome. No better feeling than a double eagle.

Q. Three albatrosses and no ace on Tour?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Never had one in competition. Maybe a couple Pro-Ams.

Q. After something like that is it hard to level yourself out emotionally and mentally because you're so jacked up?
JOHNSON WAGNER: It was actually kind of comical. My caddie had to go to the bathroom real bad. There's a bathroom off the 6th tee. We planned on me hitting the green, grabbing the putter. He was going to run up to the next hole and go to the bathroom but once I made -- once I holed out, "All right, I'm going. I'll see you on the next tee." I had a long walk to kind of laugh at him. I wasn't too jacked up.

Q. You said a fair amount of family here behind the green. How much family?
JOHNSON WAGNER: My dad, my brother, my more-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, wife then there's some Virginia Tech folks that live around here that all Hokies are family.

Q. Do they always come to this event because it's near Charlotte?
JOHNSON WAGNER: My family? Always. Hour and a half drive from home. I'll have -- they'll be here all weekend.

Q. Disappointing when you only eagle the next par 5?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Great question. It was disappointing. It wasn't a pin I could really go at. Far right pin. I had no chance to get it close. I hit the best shot I could and definitely wanted to go double eagle, eagle on the par-5s today. I was very happy to make that putt.

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