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August 18, 2017

Henrik Stenson

Greensboro, North Carolina

Q. Henrik, looks like you're having a lot of fun out there. You've only missed four greens in the first two days. Just one bogey and almost effortless out there for you. Continue to play well and looking forward to the weekend.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, absolutely. Even though I didn't feel it came as easy today as yesterday, I played really nicely in the Pro-Am, yesterday was a lot of good stuff.

I felt like I was fighting the feeling a little bit about the swing today. I still managed to produce some good stuff and when I didn't, which was mainly off the tee, a couple of loose shots, I managed to scramble and keep it tidy anyway. Happy with the position, obviously.

Q. Could you describe the feeling of confidence when you know when you've got a scoring iron in your hand or any club for matter, you're going to put it pretty close to the hole and that's what you've been doing in the first two rounds.
HENRIK STENSON: I kept it in play most of the week. This golf course gives you a lot of 8, 9 irons, wedges and I've been pretty accurate with those and producing lot of birdie chances. Could have been one or two more birdies but I'm sure I could have dropped one or two more as well. I think we're pretty fair on what score we're at.

Q. First time in this event you've had a chance to go to the weekend. How are you feeling with Saturday and Sunday?
HENRIK STENSON: Feeling a lot better than the previous visits here. It's a great tournament. It's a nice golf course. Not the longest but you still have to keep it in play and be accurate with second shots. And they do a lot for the fans. It's a good week.

Q. Career low 62 yesterday. How would you compare this round on Friday to Thursday?
HENRIK STENSON: I didn't make as many putts as yesterday but I still played a decent round. I get like I was fighting the swing a little bit out there but I still produced quite a lot of good iron shots and gave myself a good number of chances.

When I did miss, which was mainly off the tee, I still managed to keep it on the green on the second shot and only one golf shot in two rounds, that's a lot about that.

Q. How offensive do you feel on this golf course?
HENRIK STENSON: I'm trying to be kind of offensive to defensive spots, if you know, off the tee on a few of holes but then you get a lot of 8, 9 irons, wedges into these greens and they're pretty receptive.

You can be pretty aggressive if you're feeling you got good numbers and feels right, go for it. We'll produce a lot of birdie chances the first two days.

Q. Finally you're heading into the weekend in contention. Anything shifted off you mentally or emotionally going into Saturday's play?
HENRIK STENSON: No. Understanding I just want to try -- the game plan is there. I got the set-up in the bag to give me those numbers off the tee that we need and it's just about going out there and playing, continue making birdies and giving myself birdie chances. It's a low scoring golf course and yeah, keep it going. Hopefully be there on Sunday.

Q. Great day. First time playing the event here in North Carolina.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah. I shot a great score yesterday. Still a pretty good one today. I didn't feel like I played as well today as I did yesterday but still give myself quite a lot of birdie chances and when I did miss, which was mainly off the tee, I managed to scramble to make pars and I only missed two greens today. It was pretty good in that sense. I could have made one or two more putts but I guess that's always the case.

Q. What do you find you like about the golf course?
HENRIK STENSON: It sets up nicely for me. If I keep hitting the fairways, those kind of mid to short irons is normally a strength of mine and if I can just keep them -- producing birdie chances I should move in the right direction as we go along and hopefully I can be there on Sunday afternoon.

Q. Henrik, one bogey in 36 holes. That's great playing.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah. That's playing. I managed to two-putt a lot of tidy ones long range. Today I had a couple of mid-range that left a bit of the work. I tidied up.

It's been good on the greens. I don't think I gained anything. I might have lost a hair on the greens today but yesterday was excellent and overall, like I said, one dropped shot in 36 holes is always a good statement.

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