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August 18, 2017

Danielle Kang

Lizette Salas

Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Q. First, your first Solheim Cup under what everybody describes as the greatest nerves ever. What did you feel on that first tee?
DANIELLE KANG: I just loved it. I absolutely love this. It's the most exciting tournament I've ever played in. Everybody keeps telling me how amazing it's going to be, and I kept waiting for that moment and then tee shot. I was, like, I want to hear this roar. I want to hear everyone keep chanting. I love it.

I'm feeling it. It's an adrenalin rush. And we had so much fun. We played really great. I mean, like we have really good chemistry.

Q. How nice was it for you to have such a good friend and such a fiery competitor as your partner today, Lizette?
LIZETTE SALAS: I've been waiting six years for this. We knew just right off the bat we'd be great at this. And she picked me up when I was down. And she had all the faith in the world in me. And that's what a partner has to be and I'm just so grateful and so proud of her.

She kept her composure. And you know she didn't play it like a rookie. She played like a major champion. And I kept us in play most of the day, and I hopefully did my part. And we're just glad we got that point.

Q. Danielle, your first Solheim Cup. How special was it for you out there today?
DANIELLE KANG: It was so special. If I could use some cuss words to explain to you how much it means to me, I would just explain it better. But it was absolutely amazing.

The vibe out here is great, the fans. I just love this vibe. I keep cheering it on. And we just played so well and we just complemented each other on the golf course.

It's my first experience, first match. We won our first point. First point for the U.S.A. -- was it a half point? First point, first full point. I'm very happy.

Q. Lizette, we know you two are good friends. We watched you in the press conference this week. We know what the Solheim Cup means to you, but how special to be partnering with Danielle to get the United States' first full point on the board?
LIZETTE SALAS: It's my first full point in alternate shot, and I couldn't have asked for a better partner -- and for alternate shot or just Solheim Cup in general. So I'm really proud of us. And really proud of her for stepping it up and carrying me, inspiring me and pushing me through it. It was tough coming down the stretch, and, for me and -- but we did it.

Q. You talked about getting into the vibe before the tournament and riding that vibe. Is that what you were doing on the first tee? And then maybe roll with that throughout the round?
DANIELLE KANG: Yes, that was the furthest drive I hit all day, on No. 1. And I bombed it. Because I kept telling Lizette coming down the fairway, we've got to intake this energy and ride off of this vibe because we don't get this attention --

LIZETTE SALAS: She loves being the center of attention, which is fine.

DANIELLE KANG: Want me to do it again? Come on!

LIZETTE SALAS: It was awesome. I felt like she played like a veteran. And I couldn't have asked for a better partner. And I keep saying we've been waiting six years for this. And --

DANIELLE KANG: She waited for me.

LIZETTE SALAS: I did. When she got on the team I made it my goal to be on that team as well. And I think we complement each other very well.

And that energy that she was getting, that adrenalin, I kind of fed off of that, and that really helped me, especially when I was down. And I'm really fortunate I could have her.

Q. What was that first experience like today as a rookie playing out there?
DANIELLE KANG: It's great. It's so amazing because you just want everyone to be so supportive, and they're just chanting, and you can't do anything else but make it. You don't want to disappoint them. I just gotta ride off of it and have fun.

I told her during the round today that our goal is to have fun. We've got to have fun because we don't get this often. It's once every two years. We gotta love it, enjoy the moment, and that's what we did.

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