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August 18, 2017

Charley Hull

Mel Reid

Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Q. Two up with two to play, how are you feeling right now?
CHARLEY HULL: Good. Got a halve out of it today. So Lexi hit a good shot into the last. And Cristie made a good putt. But it was an up-and-down round today, really back and forth, but a halve is not too bad. It's not a loss.

Q. It was really up-and-down, Mel, in terms of the momentum and how the match went. How would you describe that?
MEL REID: Yeah, I mean, it's difficult. These greens are so tricky. You are not going to see many long putts go in holes. And so for Cristie to make it on the last -- that was a great putt. And those two are probably the hardest pairings this morning. And we knew that. And so to get anything out of that was good, especially with all the support that the Americans have had. So we knew they were going to birdie down the last, but it's still a half a point for Europe.

Q. Feeling good all around?
CHARLEY HULL: Yes, (indiscernible) and had to have a few shots to get. But I can hit down into it. So it's a lot better.

Q. And if you're both going out this afternoon, obviously you enjoy playing together -- it's great to watch you play together and you make a good team -- but any tweaks you might make if you were to be paired together this afternoon?
MEL REID: I don't know what's happening this afternoon. But we need to go out there in the four-balls and get some points on the board. I mean, I don't know how the other girls are doing. I saw Laura yesterday, and she said on TV that we need to wind the foursomes.

I think even if we come out level in the foursomes it's a good morning for us. Like I said, there's a lot of support here for them. And we're trying our hardest to keep them quiet (indiscernible), today, but half a point is always good.

Q. Charley, I know you said, your wrist, you felt that everything still is good?
CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, I just shot for a few holes, but it's feeling better now. So hopefully it will be all right.

Q. The atmosphere would you say --
MEL REID: The crowds are great. There's obviously a couple of comments here and there that are said by a couple of boys who, I think, have had a few beers. But you ignore it. To be completely honest, the majority of the crowd are very respectful. And to just have this many people out here is great.

Q. (Inaudible).
CHARLEY HULL: Hasn't happened for a few weeks now since the British Open.

Q. It's a half a point. You looked like, after chip in that you might get a full one. Is it a little feeling of deflation, or what happened?
CHARLEY HULL: It's a tricky match for a golf course. You're not going to find that many (inaudible) I don't think, especially in foursomes, because the greens are so undulating. And you're going to miss a few greens as well. If you hit the middle of the green, it's going to roll off. So that's the golf course. I'm happy the way I'm hitting it so far, aside from a few skinnied shots, but it's good.

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