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August 18, 2017

Georgia Hall

Anna Nordqvist

Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Q. Anna, Georgia, very well played. Anna, how delighted to put Europe's first full point on the board in this morning's foursome?
ANNA NORDQVIST: I'm happy. I mean, Georgia is a rookie but she certainly didn't play like one. I'm very happy to be her partner today, and she played great. And made a few putts in there, too. So I feel like we had a really good morning and excited to be here, and just can't beat this atmosphere.

Q. Georgia, your first Solheim Cup. We know you're a rookie. I know how excited you are about this week. Did it live up to expectation and more?
GEORGIA HALL: Oh, yeah, definitely more. Anna is a fantastic partner. Couldn't wish for anybody better. She holed some great putts, especially back nine in our match, and I kind of (indiscernible) a few putts in the first nine. So I think we went really well, so, yeah, I'm delighted.

Q. How aware were you how tight that morning session was and just how important that point was for you guys?
ANNA NORDQVIST: There weren't many leaderboards out there, so the first one you kind of saw was on 10, and then we saw that it was pretty close. But you just try to worry about your point and can't really worry about if you heard the roars or not because sometimes it's just for a half or something like that. So felt like we had a good game plan and had a lot of fun out there and excited for the rest.

Q. You absolutely did. Georgia, a word on the European team spirit, how buoyant it is, how good it is?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, you should have heard it this morning. We were definitely up for it. We all get along so well. And you could hear out there those call-off (indiscernible) for us and I'm glad we managed to get the point.

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