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August 17, 2017

Chun An Yu

Pacific Palisades, California

THE MODERATOR: Kevin Yu from Chinese Taipei, a 2-up winner over Collin Morikawa. Quite a match. Congratulations on the victory.

CHUN AN YU: Thank you. Appreciate it.

THE MODERATOR: Back and forth a little bit. Tell us how you won 18. That is what really closed it out.

CHUN AN YU: Yeah, 18 is really pressure shot. Front tee shot to second shot I got a lot of pressure on that.

Then I just tried to believe in myself, say I can do it. Then I think I did really good job. Make a birdie, yeah.

THE MODERATOR: How many USGA events have you played in? Some juniors, correct?

CHUN AN YU: Yeah, only once for U.S. Junior. Yeah, first time U.S. Am.

THE MODERATOR: Playing somebody a little bit ahead of you in college that's got some experience. Probably a little bit more of a name guy than you. How did you approach the match with Collin.

CHUN AN YU: You know, from the first couple match play I didn't play well in the front. Like from the first match play was like 3-down down through 3, but I just keep in mind and say, Hey, you can do it. You know, you do this a lot of times. Just believe yourself.

So I just keep in that mind, and then, you know, did it. I think just did really good job and discuss my strategy with my caddie. I think we did really good job this week. Yeah, we discuss the wind, the course, how it goes.

Q. I watched most of your front nine. You were in some terrible positions and scrambled for pars.

Q. Did you have like a continual sense of relief that Collin wasn't able to capitalize when you gave him a little bit of room on some of those shots?
CHUN AN YU: You know, he's a really good player, and actually front nine I didn't feel really good for my swing.

So if I miss, he might just have a chance to catch up me, so I just try to play my best every shot.

Tried to save par or not let him catch me, so that's when I just keep in mind, you know.

Q. What did you think on No. 10 when you hit the drive way left and long and he was just short of the green?
CHUN AN YU: Yeah, his shot is not really good for that hole because that was bunker in the front, bunker in the back. I have to hit like perfect distance to try to stop on the green.

So I just want to hit to the left and try to get a perfect angle for the second shot, but that wind go kind of like to the left and then I kind of just hit too hard. You know, then that just catch the wind and go a little bit double cross to way left.

Yeah, did not went well, that hole. Yeah.

Q. But that shot you hit, how long was that pitch shot you hit? About 75 yards?
CHUN AN YU: Yeah, about 75, yeah.

Q. You didn't have any more to hit to on the green than he had on his short shot.
CHUN AN YU: Yeah. But, you know, if I short it's fine. Just edge; not a bunker.

Q. Right.
CHUN AN YU: It's not as bad as his. So I just tried to stay more on the right, play safe, make a par or bogey.

He's in pretty bad position, too, so just tried to make par from there, yeah.

Q. How about your 18th hole? Tell us what clubs you hit to make the birdie.
CHUN AN YU: That was like 173 to the pin, and I hit like a little downwind. I took my 9-iron. Tried to hit like 165.

Yeah, so I hit it pretty good, so landing like five yard before the hole. It rolls like just past the hole like ten feet.


Q. Now, you've had a long day.

Q. You're a quarterfinalist.
CHUN AN YU: Uh-huh.

Q. What do you do to approach your match tomorrow?
CHUN AN YU: You know, just do same thing like these few days: Believe in myself. This is my first time playing in the U.S. Am and I'm really exciting about next few days. I just believe myself I can do it. That's always tell myself.

So, yeah, wish I can do my best next few days.

Q. What is your support system here at the U.S. Amateur? Do you have any family with you?
CHUN AN YU: Yeah, my dad and my mom can watch me for like every day, every hole. So, yeah, really appreciate them to come to watch me.

Q. Why did you choose Kevin as your name for America?
CHUN AN YU: Yeah, because when I was really young I have an English teacher, and then because in Taiwan normally you don't have English name, but for like foreigners like too hard to pronounce my Chinese name, so I figure just choose Kevin or something like English name be easier.

I just really like Kevin, this name, yeah. He give me some other choice but I just really like Kevin. That's why I choose that.

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