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August 17, 2017

Collin Morikawa

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. Got out to a big lead on you, 4-up after 10.

Q. What were you thinking about at that point?
COLLIN MORIKAWA: I can still win, honestly. I was still giving it a good fight. I didn't have my best stuff early, but I knew that that back nine I was really starting to get things to come together.

Honestly didn't miss a shot until -- basically from 12 tee to 17 fairway I was flawless. Just needed to make a couple 15- to 25-footers to go. Those are the putts you need to make to win a match.

So just kind of the difference maker in the end. Obviously hard coming back being 4-down through 8 and then 4-down through 10.

Q. What is it about getting past the round of 16 for you?
COLLIN MORIKAWA: No, there is nothing to it. There really isn't. It's just, you know -- there is nothing there. Yeah. If I had one more year I know I could go past it. There is no nervousness or anything like that.

I'm just playing another kid or another player.

Q. You said you had a few things that weren't quite working right even though you won this morning. Were you still suffering those problems on the front side?
COLLIN MORIKAWA: Yeah, a little bit. You know, I didn't really -- I putted terrible the first seven holes. Just didn't really get anything to go.

It was just hard. He made a couple birdies and a bogey and I didn't make a birdie until I think 12.

So, you know, he just played better today. That's just kind of what happens.

Q. Did you know anything about him before you played him today?
COLLIN MORIKAWA: No. I've seen his name before but I didn't know him. He's a good player. Obviously. He just beat our NCAA champion this morning, so...

Q. What's next for you?
COLLIN MORIKAWA: I don't know. I have no idea. Hopefully the Walker Cup. I mean, I don't think my chances are as I would like them, but, you know, if it happens it happens.

If not, go to Q-School and play with the team this fall. After that, depending how Q-School goes, we'll see.

Q. What would it mean to be on that Walker Cup team?
COLLIN MORIKAWA: It would mean everything in the world. I've really tried to play it down the past six weeks and put it behind me and just play good golf and see what happens.

You know, I've done it a couple times, and there is nothing like wearing the red, white, and blue. Especially playing for Cap or Spider Miller. That will be just a memory that I would -- I'll never forget, I'm sure.

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