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August 17, 2017

Connor Syme

Pacific Palisades, California

THE MODERATOR: Like to welcome Connor Syme, a 1-up winner over Kristoffer Ventura to advance to the quarterfinals of the U.S. Amateur here at Riviera. Doing it quite in style. Tell us about the chip-in on 18.

CONNOR SYME: Yeah, that was a really cool way to finish the match. I hit what I thought was a good shot. Just came up a little short on 18. My caddie was like to me -- I actually chipped in on 1 as well. And he goes to me, Well, you chipped on 1; why not just do it on 18 as well.

Just came out perfect. Yeah, just coolest way to finish a match. It was awesome.

THE MODERATOR: What was the distance and the club that you used?

CONNOR SYME: The chip in?


CONNOR SYME: I used a 60-degree, and it was maybe -- the pin was 25 on, I think. I was right on the front of the green level with the front, so I guess maybe 25 yards or so, the shot.

Yeah, just came out perfect.

THE MODERATOR: You've had quite a good day. Tell us a little bit about your morning match as well.

CONNOR SYME: Yeah, this morning I played Ricky, young guy from California. He's got a big future, I think. He's still to go to college. I think this year perhaps.

He was a very solid player. I had to play very well and I won 4 and 3. Didn't drop any shots, which is key in match play, I think.

I just managed to keep him a little bit away from me with that and steady golf and picked up the birdies when I could. Yeah, I was delighted with that. It wasn't quite as solid this afternoon probably, but I made probably more birdies but a little bit too many dropshots for my liking. Absolutely delighted to get through to tomorrow's match.

Q. Day like this where you might have to play 36 holes it's mentally draining. Every hole has pressure. You stayed ahead or even with Ventura the whole match. How do you stay fresh and mentally strong to the point you can hole a 25 -- yard chip-in?
CONNOR SYME: Yeah, I mean, I just kept well-hydrated. Obviously it's fantastic here. You have water on every hole. It's definitely a bonus. I stock up on the Gatorade stuff throughout the round. Got a good lunch obviously. Just need to keep your energy levels up through that, and hopefully you stand up physically I suppose as well.

I think it comes from experience as well. I played a lot of 36 hole days back in Scotland. There are often championships that are played over 36 in one day, so having that experience definitely helps.

You're always expecting more golf, I suppose. Yeah, I felt good over the chip. Yeah, like I said, came out perfect and dropped.

Q. A lot of success; you've won some impressive matches here. Are you playing up to your own expectations? Have you exceeded them? Not up to your expectations? How do you feel about your game?
CONNOR SYME: When you're winning matches I don't think you're not living up to your expectations.

No, I mean, totally. I mean, you're out there to win every game. You're trying to win every match. So far I've done that. I'm just really enjoying myself this week. It's a special place, Riviera. It's an absolutely awesome golf course.

Only thing this tournament is trying to -- you could probably get too far ahead of yourself, but all you can do is the guy you're playing against.

Keeping it small is what I'm trying to do and just having a lot of fun. It's been working so far, so hopefully keeps going.

Q. Have you had any matches with Kristoffer over in Europe?
CONNOR SYME: We played together in a tournament back in Austria just a few weeks ago, so I got to know him pretty well there. He's such a nice guy. We've got to know each other well over the last month or so, and even this week. We sat together at the start of the week and had a bite to eat.

You know, we're always wishing each other luck. It was cool to play each other. It was a good match. That's the way we probably would've wanted to go all the way. We battled each other hard. He hit me with a birdie on 16, and I was lucky to chip-in on 8. It was brilliant to finish that way.

We had a really good match and he's a good guy.

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