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August 17, 2017

Cameron Smith

Greensboro, North Carolina

Q. Let's first talk about the putter. It was really good today. No. 7 you rolled in that really long one for birdie. Last hole was a nice one. The putter was good, wasn't it?
CAMERON SMITH: Putter was good today. Definitely a lot better today than it's been of late. My coach flew in on Monday and go back to basics really with the whole game and yeah, it felt good today.

Q. Do you change anything? I mean when your coach comes in, is there any significant change or like you say just go back the basics and kind of start from scratch?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, just back to basics. Set-up and bit of takeaway stuff. Everything else remains the same. Like I said, just felt food today.

Q. Where is the game right now as we get ready for the Playoffs? Obviously you're going to be there you've had a really good year. Where is the game right now?
CAMERON SMITH: Had a really good year but haven't had so much of a good last couple of months, ever since the win, backed up a little bit for some reason. Now it's back to feeling good again.

Q. Talk about the course right now. It's hot out there but, obviously, the heat doesn't bother you.
How good is the course playing?

CAMERON SMITH: The course is one of my favorite courses of the whole season. You know, everything is perfect. The greens are perfect, the scoring will be good today. I think the greens are great. I think we'll see a few low ones.

Q. Keep it going.

Q. Talk about the round, another good score; how well you felt out there today.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, felt good. My coach came in on Monday, just go back to a few basic things, really with the set-up, the golf swing and yeah, the -- putter was hot today as well. Felt good.

Q. You like this course? Lot of people talk about how it's a fun course to play, it's challenging but they enjoy the challenge out here. Your feelings for this course.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah. I love this course. This is one of my favorite for the whole season. Just a really old school, tough course, big loopy greens and if you get putter rolling you really get something going out there.

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