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April 3, 1998

Shamil Tarpischev


PAGE CROSLAND: We're going to have an interpretation. Address your questions in English and they will be answered in English.


Q. How much does this concern him? Obviously now Yevgeny is slated to play two matches tomorrow. That puts a big burden on Yevgeny. How much does that concern him?

SHAMIL TARPICHEV: It doesn't matter. I don't want to say that he will play two matches tomorrow, because we will decide tomorrow if we're going to play doubles after the singles. We might play only singles tomorrow. It all will be depending on the singles games.

PAGE CROSLAND: Other questions?


Q. Did you say when it was going to start?

PAGE CROSLAND: We don't know that yet.


Q. Can you ask how he would prefer it, how he would like to do the schedule the rest of the way now that today has been canceled, what his preference is?

SHAMIL TARPICHEV: It's already done. Kafelnikov plays at 10 a.m. Afterward, Safin is playing.

PAGE CROSLAND: We've just been told that the captain needs to talk with the ITF. I think he's waiting for you outside to speak to you about the schedule. We'll have to continue this in a few minutes.


INTERPRETER: I'm apologizing for this thing. The Russian captain is ready to answer all your short questions.

PAGE CROSLAND: Short questions.


Q. Can he talk about the schedule? Will two singles and a doubles be held tomorrow?

SHAMIL TARPICHEV: As we agreed with Mr. Miles (sic), we'll play two singles matches tomorrow, and doubles, we'll play that on Sunday.


Q. I was just following up. Do they know the Sunday schedule yet?

PAGE CROSLAND: They don't know that.


Q. Is he saying doubles on Sunday, and then what about the other two singles matches?

SHAMIL TARPICHEV: That might happen, that we'll play two singles on Sunday. But we'll agree on this tomorrow, after we'll play the singles. It's very obvious that the American team has an advantage in all this, because we have one player who is involved on three matches. You have your players to be like only in two matches.


Q. But do they have an advantage? After all, it is just two matches. Yevgeny is pretty good at playing a lot of tennis in big tournaments. Do the Americans really have an advantage? Maybe might it work good for y'all?

SHAMIL TARPICHEV: I think it's too early to say anything about advantages and disadvantages. So we'll see tomorrow after the first singles game. We'll see how many games Kafelnikov will play. I think we'll be ready to give you an answer.

PAGE CROSLAND: Any more questions in English?


Q. Where will the team go now? Do you plan on practicing later this afternoon somewhere? Where would that be?

SHAMIL TARPICHEV: Kafelnikov will have a rest today. Safin went to practice. It's like half an hour from here. I don't know exactly where is that.


Q. If they decide to play the doubles and two singles on Sunday, is there a chance he'd pull Kafelnikov from the doubles?

SHAMIL TARPICHEV: It's all dependent on the result of both singles matches.


Q. And after both singles matches are completed tomorrow, will you ask Yevgeny if he wants to play or is it based totally on what the score is?

SHAMIL TARPICHEV: Of course, I will ask Yevgeny if he want to play on Sunday. But I will be able to realize if he's able to play or not on Sunday.

PAGE CROSLAND: One more question in English and then to Russian.


Q. Will he comment on the game plan of Kafelnikov and Safin tomorrow against Courier and Agassi?

SHAMIL TARPICHEV: Maybe you can specify what you would like to hear.


Q. The strategy, basic strategy of Kafelnikov versus Courier and Safin versus Agassi.

SHAMIL TARPICHEV: I don't think it's right to say anything about the strategy at this moment. I think that both matches will be hard for both teams. But let's say in a game, Kafelnikov against Courier, Kafelnikov has 60 percent advantage. In the game Safin against Agassi, definitely Agassi has an advantage in this game. It's kind of equal.


End of FastScripts....

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