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August 17, 2017

Webb Simpson

Greensboro, North Carolina

Q. What a start to the morning. What did you have for breakfast, for goodness sake?
WEBB SIMPSON: Just normal breakfast. I might try to replicate it tomorrow. It was a good start, fast start. It was out there. I feel like there's some really low scores. We've already seen some. Not a lot of wind. Greens are receptive and the greens are pure.

Q. When you shoot 28 on the front, does your mind start going a little quicker than you want it to go?
WEBB SIMPSON: Little bit on the ride to the first tee. I try to regroup and treat it like the next hole. Loose shot on 1 and 4. Other than that, I had a good front-9. Wasn't as good as I wanted but, you know, still a good solid day overall.

Q. Is this sort of an exhale after the PGA, sort of like Hilton Head is after the Masters?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yes, even Travelers after the U.S. Open. During Majors there's so much going on, more security, more people. Just a bigger type of event.

So, yeah, come to a tournament like this after, it's nice. Although great support here I think from the fans, from the community. But it is, it's nice not having to walk around the clubhouse to get to the range and all that. It feels good to be here.

Q. Best ball-striking front-9 you've ever had?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah. That was about as good as I got. I hit one loose shot on 14. But, you know, great start, birdied 11, 12. I'm happy with pars there everyday.

But, it was a good -- best start I've ever had to a tournament. Turned and, you know, couple dropped shots on 1 and 4. Slightly disappointing.

Overall, still played good on front other than those two holes. Great start for me.

Q. When you see 28, do you get nervous or excited or both?
WEBB SIMPSON: I got a little excited thinking about I'm not that far off from 59, but on the cart ride to the first tee I tried to kind of put it aside and get that ball in the fairway. Yeah, you don't have many opportunities out here to do it. Today was certainly one of them.

Q. Where is your game right (inaudible)?
WEBB SIMPSON: I feel like I've been playing better for a longer period of time. The game is more consistent which certainly is not bad to go missed cut, 2nd, missed cut but I'd rather, you know, have a few good solid weeks in a row.

The last three months have been more consistent golf and, you know, to play at this level well for a full year, that's what I'm after, not just some great moments here and there. So, in that sense I feel like the game is better.

Q. The hybrid you hit, is that set-up for your bag?
WEBB SIMPSON: I have a 4-iron hybrid with a steel shaft. Put that into play a year and a half ago. Play with Matt Kuchar in a tournament. I was hitting my 4-iron and he was hitting his 4 hybrid a lot better. Decided to try it.

Q. How do you repeat a morning like this morning?
WEBB SIMPSON: Tomorrow teeing off in the afternoon it's going to play a lot different. But, you know, my goals and objectives for tomorrow don't change. I'm sure by the time I tee off they'll be -- I'll be a few shots back. I got to go out kind of the same aggressive mindset and keep making birdies.

Q. How do you feel when you come to this golf course?
WEBB SIMPSON: You know, we're obviously close to where I grew up. I grew up playing courses similar to this that aren't too long, hit different clubs off the tee, some doglegs.

So, there's a comfort here that I feel like I don't have at a lot of places. I've always loved playing close to home. That's part of it as well.

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