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August 17, 2017

Henrik Stenson

Greensboro, North Carolina

Q. Henrik, a 62 in the 1st Round. How were you able to get around this course on a day where maybe it could have been a little bit better for you, too?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, but I don't want to be greedy. I played lovely in the Pro-Am yesterday to be fair, I hit it even better in the Pro-Am and felt really good. Didn't quite get the striking to the same standards today. Wasn't far away. Hit a lot of good shots out there, got the blade going and made some really good putts.

Q. How do you explain the success of today's round? You haven't been here in a few years. You really haven't had much success prior to this year but you come up with a sizzling link 62 in the 1st Round.
HENRIK STENSON: I guess my game is slightly better shape than it has been some of the other times when I've shown up here. It's kind of -- it's a great tournament but the position is right in between these big events and into the Playoffs. I've had it to add a few occasions.

Couple of the times when I've been here I haven't been playing well at all. Certainly I felt like I would have a better chance this year to do myself justice on here and I certainly got off to a good start.

Q. So after being able to dismantle this course on the first day, how excited are you for the rest of this event?
HENRIK STENSON: Going to try to do more of the same. Have of left the driver out this week. Strong 3-wood, 4-wood and 2-iron. Putting myself in position and trying to stay out of that bermuda rough.

If you do that you got pretty short clubs and you can be accurate with your second shots. Plenty more of the same tomorrow.

Q. Henrik, career best on the PGA TOUR. Just forget some comments on an excellent start.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah. It was a good day, of course. I thought I played possibly even better tee to green in the Pro-Am yesterday, felt really good out there and making 5, 6 birdies and an eagle in the Pro-Am.

I felt I was in pretty good spot with the game and hit a lot of fairways and greens overall and get that putter going. I was putting nicely out there.

And I haven't checked the stats yet. I'm sure I've gained a few shots better than the field in the greens today.

Q. What about this course suits your game, actually?
HENRIK STENSON: When I swing well I'm a strong iron play, mid irons and you have a lot of kind of 6 irons to 9 irons I'd say into a lot of the holes and it's position off the tee.

Left the driver out. It's sitting in the locker. Got my strong 3-wood, 4-wood and driving iron that I normally use at The Open Championship.

Love to hit those off the tee in certain position between 270 yards to 300 yards and those three clubs kind of put me in that position. From there on you can attack a lot of times with those kind of mid irons. It's good.

Q. Have you seen this course before?
HENRIK STENSON: I've been here a couple times. I haven't been very successful. I've always come here in kind of bad shape and having to add a tournament and try to get something going. This is certainly the best that we started off here.

Q. You left early one year. Did you get sick on or --
HENRIK STENSON: That was the only time. I think I had some game and got the flu. I was out in this heat, I was completely drained and I remember I was down on the driving range and I thought even if I scrape through today I just -- I can't see myself doing another two days.

I just had to go home and stay in bed for a week instead. Hopefully we can turn things around and have a better week this time around.

Q. How was it out there today?
HENRIK STENSON: It's sticky, it's hot. I'm looking forward to that shower tonight, that's for sure. Just in general, it was solid round and, like I said, took advantage of a lot of birdies chances I had.

Q. Are you a Floridian now?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, even though I go back to Europe in the summertime. I normally get out of this -- the worse heat and stickiness. We had good practice the last couple of weeks and it's no different really from last week here, just as hot and sweaty.

Q. The driver more to do with the course or yourself or kind of --
HENRIK STENSON: No. I hit a lot of good drives last week. It's just that you're not really trying to push it out there.

And, like I said, we look at it like between 270 and 300 yards and I get that with those three long clubs in my bag, I kind of cover that perfectly so unless it gets super windy it's going to stay in the locker and rest up.

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