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August 17, 2017

Mark Lawrence, Jr.

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. First of all, that was a crazy roller coaster match. How did you survive your emotions in that one?
MARK LAWRENCE JR.: Yeah, I mean, I kind of got off to an early lead, but he started playing really well in the middle; he made four or five birdies.

I just had to try to stick with it. Then just kind of went my way the last couple holes. Hit a good shot in there on 18, which helps a lot.

Q. What did you hit there? What was your yardage there on 18?
MARK LAWRENCE JR.: 170; I hit a 9-iron.

Q. How did you collect yourself to come back?
MARK LAWRENCE JR.: I have a great caddie, and just I've been playing well so I believed that I could get it back.

Q. How do you know your caddie?
MARK LAWRENCE JR.: We've played golf together since I was probably eight or nine years old.

Q. Did he play college golf?
MARK LAWRENCE JR.: He did. He played for JMU.

Q. James Madison?

Q. What's his name?
MARK LAWRENCE JR.: Chris Kapsak.

Q. What were you doing well at the beginning?
MARK LAWRENCE JR.: I mean, I made a long putt on 2 from just off the green. I won a few holes with pars just getting the ball in the right spots.

I just didn't make many mistakes in the beginning. I did make some mistakes after that, which I got... (Wind interference.)

Q. (Wind interference.)
MARK LAWRENCE JR.: Yeah, a little bit. But I knew that there were still three holes left, so if I could just get a couple good swings in I could get it back to even and maybe win.

Q. Had you ever been up in a match that big and lost it?
MARK LAWRENCE JR.: I probably been 3-up before and lost a match. I don't know. I honestly try to forget about stuff like that.

Q. How did you win 17 with the par? Was it pretty much straightforward hole for you?
MARK LAWRENCE JR.: Yeah, I mean, I hit a good drive and went for the green in two and I clipped the branch in the tree and ended up just short.

I was actually in a really good shot and then just didn't hit a great pitch shot and 2-putted for par.

He was in about the same spot from me because he laid up and it was in a bunker and then hit it to - his third shot - to where I was after two. He hit it to about six feet and missed it.

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