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August 17, 2017

Travis Smyth

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. Travis Smyth, 3 and 2 winner over Braden Thornberry. That's a pretty tough draw, but you took care of business. How did you do it?
TRAVIS SMYTH: To be honest, I owe it all to my caddie. No, I played awesome. To be honest, I wouldn't really -- no disrespect to my opponent, but whoever is in front of me it doesn't really matter. It's the golf course in front of me and I'm basically just trying to beat that.

So I felt like I've done a good job of that today. Add up all the shots and I end up winning 3 and 2.

Q. What was the best part of your game today?
TRAVIS SMYTH: I feel like everything was pretty sold. Short game was definitely sharp. Like I missed it in some bad spots and got up and down a lot of the time; putted pretty well. Probably short game I think kept me in it, and then some good shots down the stretch, yeah, made me win.

Q. And you got on early lead, so that helps.
TRAVIS SMYTH: Well, yeah. Basically, yeah, keep the momentum going. He feels like he has to chase; whereas I'm just doing my thing. Definitely.

Q. Did you feel there was a point in the match which you consider critical turning in your favor?
TRAVIS SMYTH: Just trying to go through the match. It happened to fast. Probably the birdie on 11. From there I knew if I just kept playing my game and stayed composed I knew I could take it home from there.

Q. How did you play that hole?
TRAVIS SMYTH: Hit a good drive and then I sort of come out a little 3-wood in the front bunker. I was sort of in between clubs. I made really, really good up and down to that back flag from that front trap. I made birdie there and won that.

Then next hole I won with a par, so that definitely helped a lot as well.

Q. And your success from the season, what's been the best thing you can point to?
TRAVIS SMYTH: This year so far?

Q. Yeah.
TRAVIS SMYTH: Just trying to think. I came 4th for the Porter Cup a few weeks ago. That felt really nice, being in contention there.

Earlier in the year I went to the U.K. I played well in the British Am, but I unfortunately lost in the first round. Doesn't seem as the best result, but all year my game has been feeling really good.

I felt like maybe the results-wise haven't been as good as what I feel like they should have been. I guess this week it's starting to come out, which is good timing.

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