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August 17, 2017

Collin Morikawa

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. Good job. Little tight there at the end. Had it to 3 and then he won two in a row.

Q. What was going through your mind at that point?
COLLIN MORIKAWA: You know, each hole is a different hole. I knew that from the first hole. I had a chance on 16 to make par; just hit a bad chip; he made a great birdie on 17.

I knew after his shot on 18 I had to hit a good shot. Pulled a little 9-iron. Feel some nerves here and there, but at the end of the day it's just what shot. I knew if he didn't make birdie I just had to make par. I just had to match his score and it would've ended.

It lasted a little bit longer than I wanted, but that's golf.

Q. Did you know anything about Dylan at all?
COLLIN MORIKAWA: You know, I looked him up yesterday. He's a great player. He struck the ball really with today and made some putts.

I knew it wasn't going to be like yesterday. Yesterday was kind of a gift to me on how I played and what happened. So this is the U.S. Am. It's best players out here. Should be fun.

Q. How is the fatigue level?
COLLIN MORIKAWA: No, I'll be fine. I got a lot of rest yesterday. The way the tee times worked out for the stroke play I've been resting a lot, so I'll be good.

Q. Last year you made a nice run. Are you looking at it like, I want to go further or are you just taking it one step at a time?
COLLIN MORIKAWA: One step at a time. I mean, if I start thinking ahead who knows what's going to happen. I've got to focus on whoever I have next and get that over with.

Q. Seem like a real patient guy. Is that a good way to describe how you look at things?
COLLIN MORIKAWA: Yeah, I'm pretty relaxed out there. You got a little stressed once in a while, but you got to learn how to calm yourself down for these moments. These are the pressure moments you want to be in, but then again, you don't.

So I would say relaxed, yeah.

Q. Has there been another point in your career where you've had this much at stake when you're playing a big event like this?
COLLIN MORIKAWA: Yeah, you know, I don't think of it as what's at stake. Like I said, you just worry about your next match.

If you're standing there on Sunday morning against the final, then you can kind of just enjoy the moment. For now, there are still a few more players I need to get through.

Whoever I have in the afternoon, should be a fun match.

Q. Give me a little description of what happened on 18.
COLLIN MORIKAWA: Yeah, so I was a little heated after the last two holes. I hit a great drive down the left side. Kind of rolled. Had 170 a little downwind, a little uphill, so I figured if I hit a solid 9-iron, take a bounce and roll up.

Just tugged a little bit. I was kind of aiming at Dylan's ball on the right side and pulled it. I was fortunate enough to be in the fringe. I've been out here in the kikuyu grass, grown up out here, and I know how to putt on it and when to putt on it, when to chip.

I felt comfortable. I knew how was it going to come out. Left myself a little work for par, but it went in the hole, so, yeah.

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