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August 17, 2017

Doug Ghim

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. High-quality match, huh?
DOUG GHIM: Yeah, it was incredible. Sahith played great, and I was just doing my best to not let it get away. I knew Sahith wasn't going to make that many mistakes, and so I did my best to hang in with him; made a couple of putts.

Unfortunate it ended the way it did, but I'll take a W any way that I can get them.

Q. Tell me about the approach shot, what you hit, yardage. That was a tough lie.
DOUG GHIM: Yeah, I wasn't expecting my 3-wood to go through the fairway because I didn't even hit it hard. I saw Sahith's driver not get through the fairway, so I thought 3-wood would probably be fine.

Rolled through. I had about 180 yards from a downhill lie. Given that Sahith was in the bunker, I knew how difficult it is because it's so elevated and the green slopes away at that angle.

So I thought, Anything to the right. Doesn't matter where, it's going to be uphill. I was like, It's like doesn't matter where it really is as long as I'm right of the bunker and right of the pin.

Hit a 7-iron ans was fortunate that I got a soft bounce and stayed on the fringe. It was really an easy putt, so just kind of cozied it up there and put it all up to Sahith to extend the match if he made it.

Q. In the middle of the match he came back to take the lead; you birdied 13. Tell me how you did that.
DOUG GHIM: Yeah, well, I birdied 11 to get it back to all square. 13, Sahith pulled his drive left and hit a great shot in there like 12 feet. I mean, I didn't expect anything less coming from match play.

I had about 160 yards and 8-iron in there about maybe nine feet right of it and curled the putt in there.

Q. Yeah. And then 17 he came back; hit a really good chip shot in there, which was conceded.

Q. And then 18 pulled it a little bit, your approach shot?
DOUG GHIM: Yeah, 18 is a tough fairway. Ball was a little bit below my feet, so...

Most of my misses have been a little right today, so I tried to make sure that I really got on top of it and then I just overdid it.

Luckily it kicked far enough right where I would have a decent lie when I was downhill. And the ball was sitting up perfectly, so I knew that as long as I had enough nerve to hit the shot that I could pull it off.

Q. What club did you hit off the bank there?
DOUG GHIM: I hit a 60-degree. Just kind of opened it up.

Q. Looked like it was tracking there at first.
DOUG GHIM: Yeah, initially landed a couple feet further than I wanted it to, so it checked up, jerked right, and I thought maybe, but it was a little too firm.

Q. When you play in one of these high-quality matches and you win it, what's that do to boost your confidence?
DOUG GHIM: I mean, it definitely helps. I feel like today I didn't have my best stuff. I didn't have a good warmup session going into it.

Match play, if you're patient enough and you wait for the right spots and you're able to execute, and I just feel like the experience with my last three Ams kind of helped out, and national championships.

You kind of start to figure out where situations are vital, really important, and I was just able to do it today. It definitely gives a lot of confidence, but I can't dwell on it too long because I have another round this afternoon.

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