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August 15, 2017

Norman Xiong

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. Tell me what was it like battling for medalist in your first U.S. Amateur?
NORMAN XIONG: It was fun. I played some really solid golf. Did what I needed to do and got through to match play, which is the biggest goal.

Q. Here we are, and basically it's kind of a home game for you in a way.
NORMAN XIONG: Yeah, a little bit.

Q. How does it feel playing in your home area?
NORMAN XIONG: It feels awesome just being in California and having the weather feel so similar. It feels nice. I don't have to adapt too much to anything. I can just kind of play any game and focus on my golf.

Q. Do you feel now you're ready for match play?
NORMAN XIONG: Yeah, I think so. Yeah, I mean, yeah.

Q. How does your game suit Riviera?
NORMAN XIONG: I think it suits it pretty well. I hit it pretty long. A lot of middle of the green shots and then give yourself chances.

I think I do that well, keep it in play, hit a lot of solid shots.

I'm excited for match play.

Q. I see you've had a good summer. What does going through the whole experience at the Western Amateur do to help you got ready for what's coming ahead?
NORMAN XIONG: Yeah, it definitely helped. It gave me a lot of reassurance to my game. I knew I was playing well. I was hitting quality shots. My skill asset is where it wants be, but my results weren't just coming out how I wanted to. That definitely gave me a boost of reassurance.

Heading into this tournament I'm a little bit more relaxed and just really taking one shot at a time and staying in the moment.

Q. Today though let's talk about your round. You were kind of cruising along and then got in trouble on 13. What happened there?
NORMAN XIONG: Yeah, I thought I hit a good shot and then I think the club face just turned over a bit. Got a lucky bounce and kicked over the hazard actually, but drew a pretty bad lie.

I just didn't have too many shots go my way. It happens. It's golf. That's how double bogeys are made and bogeys are made. You just got to try your best and move on after that.

Q. Good birdie though at 17 to finish up.
NORMAN XIONG: Yeah. I mean, it was a pretty relaxing sound, so at that point I was just kind of set and happy and waiting for the round to be done.

Hit a good drive, good second shot, hole the putt.

Q. What did you hit into 17? What was your yardage?
NORMAN XIONG: I had 90 yards in; lob wedge.

Q. Is there any disappointment in not finishing the job in terms of being medalist?
NORMAN XIONG: Not at all. If I had two rounds of stroke play in the morning then probably a little bit, but you can draw some bad breaks out here, especially in the afternoon.

At such a tight course like this you have to be so precise just into the greens and around the greens.

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