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August 15, 2017

Doug Ghim

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. Let's talk about your round today. It was a little bit all over the place. A lot of bogeys, but then you made the big comeback coming in.
DOUG GHIM: Yeah, I just wasn't comfortable on the greens. I think that kind of just started to leak. Like the uncertainty of it all just started getting in my head.

I was looking at scores yesterday and seeing that it wasn't playing much easier than Riviera at all. Greens are subtle here.

I kind of got myself a couple awkward lag putts early and didn't do great with them, so I think it just made me uncomfortable.

It kind of got crunch time and I thought, I need to make a couple birdies.

Q. When you walked off the par-3 13th and you had made your fifth bogey, what was going through your mind? Do I have to get going here or what?
DOUG GHIM: A little bit. Most of it kind of was trying to focus on the tee shot; 14 is one of the tighter tee shots that we have to face out here, so I was just kind of trying to get my emotions in check.

I just knew that if I hit a good tee ball it would be probably fine. Actually ended up hitting a pretty long one, and so then did my best to take advantage and made birdie. I think just that one birdie kind of stopped the bleeding a little bit and started swinging a little bit freer.

Made some pretty good birdies.

Q. How long was the putt at 14?
DOUG GHIM: 14 I had like probably I would say a 60-footer for eagle, and then lagged it up there like six feet, so a little uncomfortable distance, but hit a god putt that went in.

Then 15 had like another maybe 10-footer for birdie and then made that one.

Then just kind of coasted in. It was nice to get a birdie on 18.

Q. What did you hit into 18?
DOUG GHIM: I had about 107 and I hit about a 56-degree to hit to like four feet.

Q. Do you feel like in the middle of the round maybe you weren't in a great frame of mind, but are your ready now?
DOUG GHIM: For sure.

Q. Good positive feeling going into match play?
DOUG GHIM: Absolutely. To go 3-under I think on my last four or five feels good. I like match play. It's something that I enjoy playing. We don't get to play it that often. In the USGA events for us, like the U.S. Junior and the U.S Am has been getting to the match play; once we got there, felt pretty comfortable.

Looking forward to good morning back to Riv, and can't want to find ed out who I'm going to play.

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