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August 15, 2017

Theo Humphrey

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. Tell us what you did right.
THEO HUMPHREY: I got off to a solid start making pars on the first three and kind of stealing a birdie on the 4th. Not really how you expect to birdie, but hit a great long iron in there and made about a 12-footer.

So that kind of got my round going.

Made a couple poor bogeys unfortunately on 6 and 8 and missed two short putts. Did a really good job of kind of gathering myself after that, and then birdied 10 and 11 and kind of gave me the momentum to finish solid.

Q. What did you do on 10? What club selection off the tee?
THEO HUMPHREY: Yeah, just trying to hit something as close to that fairway bunker down the left as I could.

Q. Get the angle?
THEO HUMPHREY: I feel like it's not very smart to go for that green. Hit a good 4-iron. Had about 75 yards, and hit my lob wedge to about five feet and made it.

Yeah, it's the kind of hole where if you hit a good wedge shot it's easy to birdie. If you hit a bad one it's easy to make six.

Nice to walk out of there with a birdie.

Q. So how does it feel to play a good round at Riviera? You're an east coast guy.
THEO HUMPHREY: Yeah, well, I mean, I like this kind of golf course. Obviously the grasses are completely different. In terms of way the course is -- the course design is relatively similar to Northeast golf, which I definitely like.

Q. Now that you got a good score and you've done what everybody says, I just make it to match play, what your headset going into tomorrow?
THEO HUMPHREY: Yeah, well, actually in years past -- this is fourth time playing -- I would always be like, All right, just play solid, make it into match play, and I would always come up short. I would miss by a shot or two pretty much every time.

This year I'm like, You know, I'm just go out and try to play like I play in a regular golf tournament and go try to win the stroke play. Play to the best of my abilities.

Turns out I made it very easily as opposed to kind of just be good enough. Obviously it changes. I'm not playing against the golf course now. I'm playing against somebody else.

Obviously have to be more conscious about what my playing partner is doing versus just what my plan was for the stroke play part.

Q. Perfect. Great playing. Good stuff. Nice to meet you.

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