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August 15, 2017

Turk Pettit

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. The way you played the last two days mean that quarterbacks can play golf, too?
TURK PETTIT: I don't know about that. Well Tony Romo can play, so I guess they can.

I hope I show that I can play golf this week.

Q. Obviously you are so far. I mean, what's it like playing in your first U.S. Amateur?
TURK PETTIT: I'm doing better than I thought. I didn't think I would be tied for 15th after the first day or whatever, 16th.

I'm happy with how I played. I'm looking forward to it. The golf course is -- I mean Riviera and Bel-Air are amazing, so...

Q. You've been in the junior amateur match play. How do you think your game will be suited for Riviera and match play?
TURK PETTIT: Well, I think a lot of pars should be good, which I been doing that kind of this week.

It's just a tossup. I mean, honestly, in match play playing these guys, it doesn't matter. It's just whoever has the putter going at the right time.

Q. Do you have a game plan when you're playing Riviera?
TURK PETTIT: Yeah. You know, it's not tight off the tee, so hitting tee balls isn't the key.

It's a second-shot golf course, so putting yourself in the right spots on the second shot is the key I'm trying to do at Riviera.

Because the greens are slick when I played 'em, and you didn't want to be short-sided at all over there. I got to make sure to put the second shot in the right spot.

Q. What do you think you learned playing football that's helping you play golf now?
TURK PETTIT: Well, pressure. Football was way more pressure than golf because, yeah, I mean, people rely on the job you do. If you don't do your job, they're not happy with you.

So I always got more nervous during football games than golf. I mean, golf no one cares. To be honest, no one cares what you shoot except yourself, so the pressure isn't there like it is in football.

Learning how to deal with pressure is probably the main thing that's helped me.

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