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August 15, 2017

Logan Lowe

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. So Logan, what do you think turned your game around in the last year?
LOGAN LOWE: In the last year, recently the putter has really turned everything around for me. I haven't been table to see the stats lately, but I'm that assuming if I'm not gaining strokes putting I'm close. So that's been the biggest change lately.

Then since really the fall last year I came close in a couple college tournaments and didn't close the door, so I took a long look at how I react with pressure and how I react -- how my game reacts.

Since then, I've focused on my weaknesses, and that's where I spend most of my time.

Q. Has there been anybody that's helped you study your game to evaluate it?
LOGAN LOWE: Yeah, I have a few people. My swing coach for one. He's great at helping me. Phil Dawson (phonetic.) He's great at making sure that I know how to fix myself most of the time.

He and I take a lot of pride in that we've taken a lot of time to figure it out, because I'm 2,000, 3,000 miles away from home in college..

Q. Right.
LOGAN LOWE: We've taken a lot time to figure out how I can fix myself.

Then a couple guys back home that are just great family friends that happen to be great players themselves, they're there to, Hey -- I tell them I'm going through this. You were a great player. What did you to get through this?

Just like everywhere. And the alumni at GW. There is a couple of them that I talk to that really -- they tell me exactly -- they were successful, and this is how I did it and this is where I went wrong. You should try and avoid that.

I just have a great team of people. And my college coach, too. Coach Scheinost is great at helping me break down my stats.

My freshman year that's all we did. Where are you doing poorly? How do we fix that?

Q. How do you explain playing so well in your first U.S. Amateur, even those it's your second USGA Championship?
LOGAN LOWE: Really came out with a game plan, so that's the -- you were asking how I trended lately, and that was where I figured out, after I didn't close the door on a couple college tournaments, was that I a didn't have a straight game plan.

I had an idea. Hit it over here kind of thing. Now I'm really precise. I'm just a precise kind of person, so that helped a lot of. It was game plan really the past two rounds. I really stuck to it when I got into trouble.

I reminded myself that there is a game plan. If you make a bogey, there are some holes to attack. You just got to pick your places. I just stayed extremely patient for me.

Q. Will you use that same game plan in match play at Riviera?
LOGAN LOWE: Off the tee, yeah. I like all the tee shots that I picked out there. For me, it depends where the flag is if I want to go at it. That's how I mapped out most of the courses. It's just where I want to be off the tee, and then figure out what I want to do from there.

So basically the same.

Q. Let's go over a little bit your round today. Bogeyed 10 to start.
LOGAN LOWE: Uh-huh, yeah.

Q. Then came back strong; birdied 12 and 14. How did you do that?
LOGAN LOWE: Yeah, you know, I actually hit a really good shot into 10. That was a really tough pin. It was just a few over that ridge, and I kind of made the mistake of flying it on top the ridge with a punch shot.

I actually nestled up against the back rough; bladed a wedge out of there. I didn't hit a very great putt honestly. That was a tough bogey.

12, yeah, I throttled -- I changed the game plan a little bit there. Had hybrid off the tee. I was feeling a little nervy just from an early bogey. I like to hit it hard when I'm a little nervous, so I decided to kind of rip a 4-iron down there.

Hit a punch 9-iron to maybe 11 feet. It was an inside the right putt and it was downhill, so I knew if I just got it rolling, the greens were good that if you get anything online it is going in.

14, that was one that was a mature game plan for me. In the past I would've tried to blast driver and get there in two. I realized that that green is so far front to back that you're not going to hold it.

I hit a little 3-wood down the left side of the fairway. I believe it was punch 6-iron that I hit up to 81 yards, and then the green, like I said, it was front to back, so I just landed it a couple yards short, skipped it up to four feet, and inside left edge putt.

Q. Yeah. Birdie 1 and 4 and it was solid the rest of the way.
LOGAN LOWE: Yeah. 1, again, that was another mature par-5 move for me. The rough out here, I don't think people give it enough credit how hard this course actually plays. The rough was extremely penalizing if you missed the fairway.

I took 3-wood off that tee and got it down there, and I only had I think like 160 in, so I hit a little cut-off 9-iron. Played off the left slope onto the green and rolled it to a couple feet and made birdie.

Then what was the other birdie, 4?

Q. 4.
LOGAN LOWE: Yeah, so hit a really, really solid drive down the right center. I really liked the pin location. It was tucked pretty hard. I knew I could hit a little sawed-off 9-iron 20, 21 feet. Just had good read, and rolled straight off the zero line right in the back of the cup, so...

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