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August 15, 2017

Sahith Theegala

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. Got yourself back into the flow here today.

Q. What was better for you?
SAHITH THEEGALA: I actually didn't play too bad yesterday either. I just kind of -- it was playing tough and I missed it in a few wrong places and had no chance to make par.

Today I hit the driver pretty solid, and that was huge out here because the rough is brutal. Had to hit a lot of fairways. I think I hit probably eight or nine fairways at least, if not a little more.

Put myself in the fairway, and there are a lot of wedges out here. I think I just played smart today. Made it to a lot of the middle of the greens and made a couple putts.

Yeah, felt good.

Q. Which one of the six birdies were you most happy with?
SAHITH THEEGALA: No. 1 actually I hit it in the left rough, hit the tree on the second shot, and chipped it to ten feet. To make that putt was huge starting off the round right away. So that was a big one.

And then obviously 13. Probably the hardest hole on the hole: 230 yard par-3.

Q. What did you hit in?
SAHITH THEEGALA: I hit a really nice 4-iron. Landed just short of the pin. Rolled maybe 5, 20 feet past and I drained that.

That was kind of the when I knew, Okay, I've played this back nine quite a few times. The rest of the holes on the way in weren't too bad, so I figured I was comfortable by then.

Q. You feel calm now making match play?
SAHITH THEEGALA: Yeah. I was pretty confident in my game. I took a couple weeks off actually. I've been hitting it well, like really well, and my short game has been pretty solid so far.

Yeah, I mean, obviously it's the goal of everyone is to get into play, so I'm super pumped about that.

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