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August 15, 2017

Hayden Wood

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. What brought this good play on?
HAYDEN WOOD: I've changed kind of my course management. A lot more conservative. I felt like I've been playing well all summer, but sometimes I would get in my own way, and so I've changed my course management.

I just switched to a new putter and my speed has been a lot better. Haven't three-putted so far, and to do that at these two courses is a testament to some good speed.

Q. You said you've been playing well all summer. Maybe the results just weren't quite there.
HAYDEN WOOD: Yeah, felt like all summer long I've been playing well, but the tournaments I thought I was really going to play well when the course fit me I would maybe be a little too aggressive. Just not off the tee or anything, but mainly into the greens.

So I changed my course management, and that's done a lot for me this week. Just playing the percentages and it's giving me a lot of looks.

Q. If you were to be the medalist here, what would it mean to you?
HAYDEN WOOD: It would mean a lot. With 312 guys, it would be awesome. The tournament starts really tomorrow, so...

You're not getting into Augusta being the medalist, but definitely means you can play these two courses. To be able to play well a little Riviera yesterday gave me some confidence going into match play.

Q. How does Riviera fit you knowing the rest of the Championship is at Riviera?
HAYDEN WOOD: It fits me well. Good ball-striker, and that's a ball-striker's golf course through and through.

So to be able to hit those fairways and give yourself a lot of looks on the greens, it does wonders. You can't be out there trying to save par. Those greens are too crazy. Can't just rely on getting up and down, so you have to give yourself looks.

Feel good going into it.

Q. Obviously you've lived with your father your whole life and been talking about golf with him your whole life. Anything he told you before you came here to the U.S. Amateur?
HAYDEN WOOD: Yeah, him and I were practicing the day of my flight. When I was about to leave, he said, There is no reason you can't make a nice run at this. You're playing good. Just stay patient and play like you know how to play.

Q. Let's talk about today's rounds. Nice run there. Started on 10, but birdied four out of five holes there starting at 15. Tell us about some of those birdies.
HAYDEN WOOD: Well, I mean, I had given myself some nice looks. The greens speeds was a bit different than yesterday Riviera, so I was leaving a few putts short.

I stayed patient. I gave myself a nice look on 15; probably 12 feet; made it.

Then I hit it to probably five feet on 16.

Q. What did you hit on that hole?
HAYDEN WOOD: 6-iron. So up to about five feet. Dropped that one in. That one was good.

My caddie, my buddy told me, You're rolling it really good, so I just stayed patient. Made a nice putt on 18 from just off the green.

Q. How far was that putt?
HAYDEN WOOD: I would say that was probably 20, 25 feet. I mean, that was just fun to make. I wasn't expecting to make that one or anything.

Q. Birdied the par-5.
HAYDEN WOOD: Yeah. Hit it in the fairway bunker, hit it over the green, hit a nice chip to probably three, four feet and made that.

Then my speed wasn't as great. Left a few putts short. Left a putt short on 8 for birdie.

Then I thought I was going to make a birdie on 9. Looked good the whole time. Just kind of broke at the end.

Yeah, I like where my game is right now. I'm going to practice this afternoon and get ready for tomorrow.

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