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August 15, 2017

Maverick McNealy

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. Let's talk about today; 67. Got you firmly into match play. How did you folly now?
MAVERICK McNEALY: I'm very glad. This was the least stress I've had coming down the stretch in a U.S. Am.

I missed by one tripling the last hole in Atlanta.

I made it by one birdieing my second to last hole at Olympia Fields. I lost in the playoff last year.

So I was really, really happy with the way I made the turn. I managed it on the more difficult back nine here getting started, and then birdied 1 and 2. That gave my a nice cushion.

I played well solid coming in. Birdie on 8 I was very happy with.

Q. Seemed to do all right on the par-5s for the most part here.

Q. Took advantage of them?
MAVERICK McNEALY: Yeah, I think I had -- on every Par-5 I had a birdie putt inside of 15 feet, which is just solid wedge play and driving is really what it comes down to.

I think especially the 1st hole here that's the easiest hole in the golf tournament so far, and that's one you have to just hit the fairway and you have a short iron in.

Q. How far was that putt on 1?
MAVERICK McNEALY: I had a 15-footer on 1 for eagle and just missed it.

Q. And 8?
MAVERICK McNEALY: On 8 I just honestly went driver, wedge, wedge, because I had no reason to take on that water. Just wedged six feet and made it.

Q. Does getting knocked out in the playoff last year, do you take that as motivation or something that's in the past and you never worry about?
MAVERICK McNEALY: I wasn't thinking about that this week. Definitely was motivation for the few weeks after that tournament to work hard. Actually came out and won my first college event of the season.

But, you know, this week it was just focusing on controlling what I can control, knowing that if I played solid golf I would be fine.

Just tried to avoid the big mistakes. Honestly, I think I managed it really well after that second hole yesterday.

Q. In the leadup to this, you played in a lot of different things, PGA Tour events, over in Europe. Has all that helped you in your prep for this?
MAVERICK McNEALY: So much. I mean, I think that's helped me not as much in the prep for this, but just prep for golf. It's just been great experience. Like I learned so much from the Open Championship, from the U.S. Open, and obviously two tour events as well.

The margins are so fine out there that it really prepares you for a major event like this. I just really look at it as my third major this summer.

It definitely prepared me, and it's no different than any sort of elite golf. You just have to hit really quality golf shots and play smart; I did both of those today.

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