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August 15, 2017

Cameron Young

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. What was the difference between the two days?
CAMERON YOUNG: Nothing really tangible, I don't think. Just a little bit different mindset, and knowing today that I had to make some birdies just kind of freed me up a little bit.

Thankfully I was able to stay that way all the way through my round. If I had tightened up with a few holes to go it might not end as well.

Q. Was it the ball-striking?
CAMERON YOUNG: Yeah, definitely. I hit it -- I think all of five of my six birdies today were inside of six feet. I took advantage of some wedge shots and short par-5s and was able to capitalize on those opportunities.

Q. I know in the practice rounds you were working on some things on the range. Did those things help you?
CAMERON YOUNG: Yeah, not working on a whole lot. Just really a lot of tempo. Just trying to keep myself at a very even tempo the whole day.

I don't think it was anything major. Just the same old things I've been working on for a long time.

Q. You're old hat at match play in this Championship.

Q. Is there a sense relief that you know you're firmly in?
CAMERON YOUNG: There is. That's the hard part, is getting through those two days, because you never know what stroke play can throw at you. Once you get into match play it's everybody's the game. Doesn't matter who you are, doesn't matter what you've done, just one, one, and I love that.

Q. Any of those birdies or even a par today that you really liked that kept the round going?
CAMERON YOUNG: Par on 7. I hit the left trees and couldn't -- I had to chip it out to the fairway and got up and down from about, what was it, 82 yards.

Made like a five and a half, six-footer for par. That was probably the biggest point in my round there. It could turn into even par real quick if I don't make that putt.

Q. Any of those birdies that told you, Hey, I've got it today?
CAMERON YOUNG: 17 was nice, but there is nothing until you par the 18th hole and know you're probably going to be in.

Q. What did you hit into 17?
CAMERON YOUNG: 50-degree wedge, 124.

Q. About 12-footer?

Q. So what do you do now to get ready for match play since you know what it's all about?
CAMERON YOUNG: Not a whole lot. You don't do anything different. I think just the same game plan I went into yesterday with even though it didn't work out.

I'll have played the golf course one more time and I'll have a lot more confidence after day today. It's something I really like to play in. It's my favorite tournament of the year, so looking forward to it.

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