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August 15, 2017

Curtis Luck

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. Here with Curtis Luck, the 2016 U.S. Amateur champion at Riviera. Must be great to be back. You're out here for your mates, but tell us a bit about why you're here.
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, so I had a little break in my schedule of playing and I decided that I wanted to head to Carlsbad and do some work with Callaway; so I did that yesterday.

Having such fond memories of last year and having a few mates playing in the field this week, I decided to stay over for a another days and come up and have a little squiz and see what's going on here at Riviera and Bel-Air?

Q. Have you been out here before?
CURTIS LUCK: I haven't, no, so this is my first time. I've not spent too much time in L.A., that's for sure. It's a pretty amazing spot. First thing I did was eat some lunch and it's an amazing dining room that have set up for the players this week.

Q. Who are the mates you're going to watch today?
CURTIS LUCK: I am going to go out and watch Kiran Day today. I think Min Woo might be out there as well. Yeah, Kiran is my best friend back home, so it's really lucky that I get this chance to come and support him.

Q. Your year since you've won at Oakland Hills, when someone says, Curtis Luck US Amateur champion, what kind of emotions stir in you?
CURTIS LUCK: A lot of happiness. Yeah, it's been an amazing year. The U.S. Am has opened up so many doors for me. As an amateur it did and now as a professional it has as well.

It's just amazing to think it's a whole year now since it all happened. Yeah, I still think about it every day and still realize how fortunate I am that that happened.

Q. Despite the fact that you're Australian and it's a championship that you won in the United States, that still means a lot over in the land Down Under, doesn't it?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, it does. I think everyone who knows golf and is in the golfing world understands that this event is a very tough event. There are 312 competitors, all guys that can (bell interference) a lot of which have had to qualify. Top 50 players in the world as well obviously.

So I think everyone has a really good understanding of the depth of the field and what this means, what this championship means.

I guess the previous winners kind of say enough for the event.

Q. And your name is on the trophy.

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