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August 14, 2017

Robert MacIntyre

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. Tell me how pleased you are to shoot a 68.
ROBERT MACINTYRE: Yeah, delighted. I think 2-under is a good score. Struggled early on. Was 1-over over early and then managed to scramble back and should have been one better, but bogey on the last cost me.

Q. Having played in this before, did it give you some kind of in depth knowledge or confidence coming into this one?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: I mean, I missed the cut last year. But, I mean, I played college golf for a year and a half down in Louisiana, so, I mean, and I feel comfortable wherever I really go. Tee-to-green is my strength, so it's the right place for it.

Q. You've had a good year. All the different things you've done, Australia, the European, the amateur in your country. How high is your confidence level right now?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: Actually been very low for a few weeks there. Swing had gone off. I changed coach start of the year which has really helped me. Changed a bit in my swing the last two weeks. Played the challenge tour last week and I honestly felt like my game was right there. Coming this week driving the ball the way I'm driving it, I mean, there is nowhere that scares me.

Q. What were one or two of the birdies you thought were special? You birdied 10. That's a tough one to birdie.
ROBERT MACINTYRE: Birdie on 10 was really good. Probably 17 from the angle I was coming at. The tree was blocking me. So I managed to get that one in really tight for my angle, for ten feet, and managed to roll role that in.

So them two in the back were probably my best.

Q. Which shot did you hit on your approach at 17?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: A 58 degree. I should have -- on par-5 coming in into the wind hit a drive that miles down -- (wind interference) instead of being my 2-iron from 245 to the pin into the wind. I thought this course should have been a little bit better, but take 2-under.

Q. What did you hit off the tee on 10?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: 5-iron. I take notes in my book, so it was 5-iron yesterday. I felt the wind was kind of pushing it slightly down off the left. I thought, Hit it hard, and it was perfect. I managed to get that top slope, which was half the battle.

Q. And then how many feet...
ROBERT MACINTYRE: Probably about 30 feet the putt there. Just dropped in perfect. It was one I liked. It was just the right speed for me, slightly up the hill.

So it was a good day.

Q. What is in your mindset tomorrow? I know everyone wants to just get to match play, but some people are just going to play it the same way; some people will play a little more conservative. What's your mindset?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: I mean, I done the exact same last year, 2-under first round, missed the cut. Just try not to do that tomorrow.

I think just stay aggressive. The golf course off the tee is where it's at. You drive it well, you score well personally, I think. So there are a few shots out there that I'll rethink. There are a few tee shots I was going to go a different route.

I'll just see how the score is and see where I think it's going to need to get to, and that's what will decide.

Q. Do either one of these courses compare to anything you play in Scotland?
ROBERT MACINTYRE: Not at all. They're just completely different. It's all in the air. That's one my of benefits with driver. I hit it quite high with the driver for a British player, so out here suits it perfect.

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