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August 13, 2017

Roger Federer

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

(Full English and translated French version.)

. ZVEREV/R. Federer

6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Can you tell us how you felt physically today, even from the moment that you warmed up before the match, and during the match. What is the plan for the next few days?
ROGER FEDERER: I'll travel to Cincinnati tonight, then take a decision in the next couple of days and see how I feel after five days of playing, if I'm ready to play in Cincy next week or not.

You know, felt all right all week. Had a bit of muscle pain, aches and pains here and there, just because it's back on the match courts, on the hard courts. After vacation and practice, it's always a bit of a shock for the body.

We'll have to wait and see now how I feel in the next couple of days.

Q. This tournament, Alexander Zverev, 20 years old, Denis Shapovalov, 18 years old. What are you seeing from the next generation of players? How did you look at them this tournament?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, I loved watching Denis play. I think he had the matches of the tournament, with all these great three-setters that he had, especially the one against Rafa. I think he caught the attention of the tennis world, and rightfully so. I really enjoyed watching him.

Alexander has been around for a while now. Not a whole long time. But at this level, I've gotten to play him already now for the fourth or fifth time, practiced a ton with him. We know each other well.

I'm just really happy for him, to see that he's taking everything not just to the next level, but the two next levels, winning two Masters 1000s. It's extremely difficult to win. He's won two this year.

It's a wonderful achievement for him. I wish him the best for the coming months and hope he can finish the season very strong because there's opportunities now.

Yeah, I'm sure there's going to be up-and-coming players. Still wish there was going to be a bigger group of 18- or 20-year-olds, 22-year-olds. But we have some good guys, which is great for the game. They're going to carry the sport to a better place in the future.

Q. What means more to you, getting to No. 1 before the US Open, or the year-end ranking No. 1?
ROGER FEDERER: Year-end if I could choose, yes. It would mean more. Then I could be on vacation with No. 1, not a bad thing (smiling). Pre-US Open all I have to do is talk to the press about it, how I would feel. Not as good (winking).

Q. How do you feel about your form heading into the US Open? How big would it be for you to get three slams in a year and the 20th?
ROGER FEDERER: Oh, it would be totally incredible. From right now on till the US Open, I got to think what's my best opportunity to feel well there. There's going to be a ball change, as well, which creates a lot of different plays, if you like.

I've never played in the new stadium as such because I missed last year's edition. Yeah, like I said, next couple days are important for me to take the decision on Cincinnati.

Then looking ahead to the US Open, obviously I want to be in the best possible shape. Winning my third of the year, my 20th Grand Slam, would be completely insane.

I just hope I'm going to be 100% ready when the moment arises.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. So how do you assess this week in Montreal?
ROGER FEDERER: It is a positive week in the end. The final was unexpected. But it's keeping up with the good results of this year. Playing the final was a good thing. Of course, I'm disappointed with today. I thought I would do better. I wanted to fight a bit more and make the match a bit more tighter. I had opportunities. But Zverev played extremely well. He played well all week.

Like in Washington, he needed to play a tight match in the beginning to be able to play well after that. I congratulate him. He was better than I was today.

Q. You saw several good, young players. Where would you think Zverev is? Would you want to come back to Montreal to win the title? You seemed to have doubts. Is it possible you will come back in two years?
ROGER FEDERER: It's very far away. It's like the Olympics in Tokyo. I can't tell you what will happen in two years from now. It's too far away. Maybe there's a disappointment because of that, because I know I can't come back here next year. I never won this tournament. As I said on the court, I will ask Sascha how it feels to be a champion in Montreal.

I hope I will come next time, but I can't be sure right now.

Q. And Zverev, how would you assess him compared with the other young players?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, he's been playing well, but he has to do this for a whole year. For the time being he's in good shape. He's healthy. He's motivated. He has a lot of confidence. I like his game. He has a big game. He serves well. He has a great backhand. I like his backhand.

Now we'll see what happens for the rest of the year. He had a lot of success already. Five titles in one year is not easy. What he does is great.

Q. The organizers of the tournament said they broke the record for attendance. You played many one-week tournaments in your career. Can you explain why this one attracts so many people?
ROGER FEDERER: It was the 38th edition of this tournament, so there's history behind it. People here in Montreal like to have tennis every year. They want to see the top players. It's paying off.

The good work they've been doing in the past is paying off. All the investments locally. It's very effective. There is also a whole generation here, like Raonic, able to create excitement around tennis in the country. Then you also have the stars coming. The combination of these things allowed them to break the world record. I'm happy for them.

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