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August 12, 2017

Chris Stroud

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. 16, when the putt looks like it's going in, what are you saying?
CHRIS STROUD: You know, 16 was a pretty good putt today. I pushed that just a little bit and it still almost went in. You're talking about 16 -- I'm thinking about 15.

Up the hill. Up the hill. Hit a very nice putt. Actually didn't know I hit it that hard. Thought I hit it right in the middle. It was basically tracking all the way, once it got to the top tier, it was in all the way. Hit it a little firm and obviously I was happy to hit the hole.

Q. Looked like you were talking to it or to yourself.
CHRIS STROUD: Mainly my caddie. We're making fun of each other and just staying loose. But you know, I didn't do anything great today. I just hung in there. It was just kind of a scrappy round. Didn't hit a lot of great drives. Hit some good ones. Hit some good shots when I needed to. Made some great pars early. Wish would I have snuck away with a couple pars the last two holes, but I've got a chance tomorrow.

Q. Looks like you'll be in the final pairing tomorrow. What does that do for you?
CHRIS STROUD: I've dreamed about this for years, so it's in there. I know all these guys are going to be super nervous. I'm sure I will be, too. But like I said, last week, just gave me an unbelievable sense of calm. I've never felt so relaxed on the golf course and I think it's a lot of reason why I'm playing so well.

You know, I'm relaxed on the greens. I'm relaxed off the tee. And I've played so many weeks in a row, to be honest; I can't really -- my swing thoughts are the same. So everything's really simple.

So I'm going to use that to my advantage tomorrow.

Q. Does the journey to get here over the last few weeks -- talk us through it, the roller coaster of emotions. What's it been like?
CHRIS STROUD: Pretty spectacular. Honestly, before I went to Reno, I missed the cut in Canada. My wife and kids and all my family and friends were down at Destin, Seaside, for vacation. I went there for two days after I missed the cut. Flew from Panama City to Reno. Took me three flights to get there across the country, Tuesday night. I get up Wednesday, I'm tired, go up and practice a little bit. If I didn't play in good Reno -- I have one event left to stay in the top 150.

So you know, it's a tricky deal. That pressure was on me. But I told my caddie, and all my friends there, I said, you know what, I've been out here a long time. This is my 11th year I think, and I've got plenty of experience. Just take it easy. Enjoy it. See what happens.

Q. Louis hurt his arm. Did you see?
CHRIS STROUD: I talked to him on 5 or 6. He maybe strained a forearm muscle or something. I've had that same deal. Hurt my wrist a couple years ago and that was pretty tough. But he's tough.

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