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August 12, 2017

Justin Thomas

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. Just three shots back of the leaders. Did you see this happening when you came off the course?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Not at all. I haven't really -- obviously I was paying attention to leaderboards because they are pretty big and hard to miss. I was more worried about trying to get it around the course and play a little bit better than I was than what the leaders were doing.

Q. Can you talk about how you feel about closing the three holes and then also the birdie on 15?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was a great finish to shoot 2 under on the back nine for what I had. I hit pin to rough on 10, 11, 12, 16, so those are -- I mean holes like 11 and 12 are hardest especially from the rough. To get out of there with pars -- it was an easy birdie on 15 for me. I hit an unbelievable chip. That was one I could have looked pretty stupid in a heartbeat. To finish 16, 17 and 18 with pars and to get out of today with a 2-under round was nice.

Q. Is it a course you will be defensive on?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It depends on how you are playing. Yesterday I was playing really well, hitting great shots. When you have 4, 5, 6-irons in your hand, you need to be defensive. For the most part, I had some pretty -- not aggressive but more aggressive than normal lines just because I felt good about my golf swing and what I was doing with my ball. If I have a longer club in my hand, I'm just trying to get it on the green and get out with a par and move on.

Q. Do you feel like you stole one today considering how you hit it? Does that give you more confidence particularly when it's on a course that's obviously playing pretty difficult?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I don't like to think that I stole one. I like to think that I'm mature now and I can manage an under par round when I don't have my best stuff. I think that's why I feel like I'm ready to win a major championships now versus last year, I probably didn't have that. Because you are going to have a day, usually at least a day in the tournament where you don't have your best. You are not hitting it well. It's what you can do with it.

That's what Tiger did so well. He won tournaments by five or six with his B game or C game. It's about managing it around here, trying to get it around. What I did today was definitely a confidence boost. It's not the same as playing great. I'm definitely more tired than if I would have played great. I will definitely take it.

Q. Was today your B game or C game?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Definitely. It was a B or C. I would definitely go C, more towards the C side than B side.

Q. What did you take out of the U.S. Open experience? You came out of that pretty upset. You felt like you let the opportunity go by regardless of how well Brooks played. Did you take anything out of that experience that is valuable this week for you?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Just patience. But I felt like that's something I already knew. You really, really have to be patient. I was just upset I didn't play better. I definitely didn't feel like I let one go there. Brooks played so well. With the start I had through four or five holes, I didn't have a chance to win that tournament.

Just being patient and accepting what the course gives you more. I had a really bad break on Sunday on 4 and I think that flustered me a little bit. I just didn't handle it very well.

Hopefully it doesn't happy tomorrow. If something like that happens, I think I can handle it a little better.

Q. (Inaudible)?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I just thought it came a little bit loose, like the screw with the detachable heads now. Sometimes it comes loose. I just wanted to tighten it.

Q. What did you say to your caddie?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I didn't think you had that in you. That's for sure.

Q. Describe what is it like to play (inaudible)?
JUSTIN THOMAS: The pin today it's not very fun. It's difficult because you can't leave it under the hole as firm as the greens are. Then you hit to where I did and you have a treacherous 25-footer that you are trying to get down in two. It's tough. I mean, that tee shot when you are not driving it well like I was today that's not exactly the most comfortable tee shot in the world. It's a hard hole for everybody not just for me.

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