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August 12, 2017

Rickie Fowler

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. Was that a function of the conditions, the greens drying out?
RICKIE FOWLER: No, I actually played fairly well, and then 3-putt and hit the ball in the water and 3-putted the last. Other than that, I would have been just fine.

Q. You had a few birdies out there?
RICKIE FOWLER: It was still good. Swung it great. Made a lot of good swings. The putter's probably been one of the best this week of the clubs in the bag. Kind of some untimely 3-putts that I actually never hit a bad putt.

Q. What happened with that tee shot on 17?
RICKIE FOWLER: I was looking, I thought it was just going to pitch over the bunker. I was just leaning, because I was just wanting it to just catch the slope over there. Breeze could have come up a little bit more than we were expecting, but I definitely was not expecting it to land in the water.

Q. Is the Green Mile different this week than the usual setup?
RICKIE FOWLER: A little bit with it being soft fairway-wise. Normally -- today was probably one of the easiest it played, really, other than the front pin on 18.

Today being able to, you hit a good one, you can carry the bunker on 16. The first two days it was playing into the wind. It played longer and the fairways were softer. You know, the front left pin on 17 is probably the easiest. And really, I should have made par on 16. I made a good swing on 17, and like I said, I wasn't expecting it to land where it did at 18. I actually had a decent look. Like I said, not a good time for a 3-putt.

Q. What are the key factors going to be mentally tomorrow for any golfer to win his first major title?
RICKIE FOWLER: It's a good test out there. You're going to have to play well. You can't fake it around here. I mean, the biggest thing is just kind of, like anything, everyone will say it: Stay in the moment, staying patient. But it's a lot easier said than done.

To face the first, really three holes here, it's not easy. If you don't drive it well on the first, you're kind of behind the 8-ball and if you don't do the same on 2 and 3, it can start you off in the wrong direction pretty quickly.

Q. Do you think they will be more lenient with the pin placements tomorrow?
RICKIE FOWLER: I mean, that's -- I'm not sure. It's up to them. There were a lot of pins on ridges today it seemed like, which made it tough to make putts or to get the ball close. But everyone's playing the same course.

I mean, it's a major championship. You want it to play tough. You want tough pin placements in the right spots. I think they have done a good job of that. You know, having a hole like 8, where you can push it up there, and 14, where the last two days, it's been very drivable. I've been hitting 2-iron there to the front edge and it's drivable for everyone. And so giving you plenty of opportunities to take advantage of and make birdies out here. But not every hole is supposed to be a birdie hole.

Q. What words would you use to describe playing 18?
RICKIE FOWLER: 18, it's a great closing hole. You have to hit a good drive, and once you're in the fairway, it's not over. Same thing, once you're on the green; I just 3-putted.

It's just a good test. Especially coming down the last three after they give you 14, 15 as birdie opportunities. You've got to, you can't limp in. You've got to finish it off.

Q. Is there a tougher closing hole in golf?
RICKIE FOWLER: Off the top of my head -- it's up there as one of the tough -- you all go back, everyone always talks about 18 at Sawgrass as one of the toughest.

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