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August 12, 2017

Webb Simpson

Charlotte, North Carolina

WEBB SIMPSON: They are incredibly undulating and fast. When you combine the two -- and on top of that they are Bermuda. It's the toughest putting surfaces I think we will encounter all year.

Q. I know it's not the week you wanted to have here. What's it been like having this tournament here with friends and family and all that?
WEBB SIMPSON: There's been positives and negatives. Obviously there's a lot going on, a lot more for me to deal with. At the same time, I felt tons of support from kids, from grown-ups. That part has been cool. Seeing the crowds coming out to support this tournament has been fun to see. Playing in your hometown on your home course, there's good things and hard things.

Q. What is it like being the fan favorite at a major?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's pretty cool. I'm usually not the fan favorite. So to get more supporters is a good thing. I look forward to playing the tournament here every year.

Q. Did you expect the course to play as hard as it is?
WEBB SIMPSON: I could tell starting a few weeks back they were growing the rough up. I don't know if the intent to make it this difficult, but it's really hard. I mean, I told the scorer in there I felt like really all week, but especially today with some of the pins and tees and length of the course, it feels like a U.S. Open. We are dealing with a long golf course, tons of rough, and crazy fast greens.

I don't think historically that's what the PGA -- I don't think that's the stereotype of a PGA Championship. I feel like I'm out there trying to survive. Similar feelings to how when I play a U.S. Open. You shoot even par, you have done really well. In past PGAs even par is not that good. It's definitely something to get used to.

Q. Compared to the other majors this year, this is seeming to be the hardest one of four. It's typically the easiest. How wild is that that you are coming to a fourth major where guys are usually going low and that's not the case?
WEBB SIMPSON: I think we are seeing a trend in golf when courses are redone, they are 99 percent of the time harder.

The players I've talked to this year, they love coming to Charlotte, they love Quail Hollow, they love our club. I think the big vote is it's maybe a little too difficult. But again, I say that, it's up to whoever sets up the golf course each day. They can set it up however they want.

A hole like 18 is 500 yards, over six yards over the back of the tee and the pin is front left. I'm not complaining, it's really difficult. You are going to have some guys play well today. My game is not quite there to play well on a golf course like this. Just got to keep plugging along.

Q. Did they overthink the changes, maybe try to make it do more than they should have done here?
WEBB SIMPSON: No, I don't think it's that. I think it's more every day, let's assess each hole and let's set it up where it's a fair test.

18, we have got a pin six yards on the green. The false front is eight yards, which means you are supposed to ball right of the hole. Now we have to get it past the hole so the ball doesn't come back off the green. Little things like that, me and my caddie said if they just put the pin four yards farther back, then still a really hard hole but it's fair.

I don't think it's so much in the design. I think it looks really good. They accomplished their goal on 4 and 5 in making it look like it's been here for a long time. I think that aspect is good. The setup has been too tough for a PGA, to be honest.

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